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  • > @Kiani said: > I don,t know why You guys fight with each other! Plz don,t do its a decent forum! > > or Poka You'r just using your words to make shame or bla bla. > show us proof if u really a true person on this forum! i already proof u many times! transections from citi bank! as u said Citi bank close there branches in…
  • @ Maldita (AKA Kiani Clone) Although I am capable of replying you in the same abusive manner as yours but I will not, you just showed everyone how your parents raised you ;) > @Kiani said: > ok! Polka here you'll see offical link! i hope this time you'll agree and get away from this forum! > > Citi bank Branches in…
  • > @Kiani said: > i can,t see a person like u poka! or u need to get more education to understand my words! i was talking about past in 2013! as u told me citi bank stop there branches in 2011! so i just show u my last transection proof 2013 here you'll see Citi brank branche address in Rawalpindi! > > > > or hay guys! SCB…
  • > @Kiani said: > Here you'll see proof of my last transection from Citi Bank in 2013! i hope again you'll not misguid other people here! > > That transection i have made in 2013 after that i used SCB bank coz they gave me 30 thousnad Per transection! so i left Citi bank! > > > > > Now you'll see the bellow transection was…
  • > @Kiani said: > Hello Dear Pokla! at this forum we'r just trying to help each other! i used Citi bank in past! my last transection was from Citi bank in 2013! i know Citi bank close there branches in few cities! but there branches still worked in few cities! > > Many Thanks! Not really sure whether you were or still are…
  • > @Kiani said: > Hello Guys plz do search Citi Bank ATM in your City! they also don,t charge extra from your Card! if any one got experienced do share. > > Many Thanks Cheers! Not sure if you really wanted to help or just trolling as there are no ATMs of Citibank nationwide. And by the way when did you ever used a Citibank…
  • I have been informed that Payoneer will not offer Global Bank Transfer to Pakistan anymore, anybody else got the same message? How to withdraw the funds now?? Nissim ? anybody?
  • > @sam53 said: > I have shifted $2275 to my bank account with GBT. Total charges deducted were around 5000. > > Awesome > Can you confirm the date of transaction?
  • > @ShehroseShabbir said: > Yes that's right payoneer is currently not offering Withdraw to bank to Pakistan due to undisclosed reasons. > > They are working hard to make it available again. > > Please check the following link to see available countries for Withdraw To Bank > Withdraw To Bank The question remain, how to…