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  • I can confirm that it is working in Pakistan.
  • Did you submit a support request? If yes then paste the ticket number here starting with LTK so the staff here can help you. If no then submit a support request. They I believe will send you a dispute form, and you will get the amount back in your Payoneer account sometime after submission of that.
  • I don't think you should give away your card number to anyone. Go to the load page and enter your e-mail address, if no error is coming up then they should be able to load money without any problem.
  • You must have received a support ticket number, you can post that here, which will enable the staff here, Nissim/David/Talia to respond. Alternatively, you can try to call Payoneer or use Live Chat here:
  • - There is no other way. You have to load/receive funds from your provider, in this case oDesk first. When you are ready to withdraw, initiate live chat with Payoneer support here: and they will guide you through the process since my account was blocked and it was activated as I…
  • The new card will have a different number, speaking from experience as I had to order another card and yes you will have to choose a different PIN code when you receive the card and try to activate it in your Payoneer account.
  • When you login to your Payoneer account, click General Information then View Transactions. All the debits/credits that appear there are the transactions. I believe David or Nissim can confirm this. I do not think you can get a refund of fee once it is paid for the month.
  • You can check the fee under your Payoneer account: General Information > Pricing & Fees. The card replacement fee is $12.95 per card. It takes about 10 days if you are in the US, or I think about a month if outside US.
  • Have you submitted a support request? If not then do that:
  • What type of card have you got? If you got it via one of the providers i.e. oDesk etc, then you first need to receive payments from them. After that Payoneer may allow private loads. Since the purpose of card is to receive payments from providers.
  • Hi, I think it will work without any problem. Just try to add it as payment method, it will be approved.
  • Thank you for responding David. Is this policy applicable on Payoneer cards which can be directly ordered from Payoneer now? In past this option was not present. If I register for another card directly with Payoneer, will I be able to do private loads from the very first time? This is just what I need it for. It is very…
  • Also to add, my account is not active due to inactivity for 6 months. I would like to have it activated. There is no way to get paid from oDesk but I am going to make private load in it. I can do it right now but the card number is not being detected on the form. Please help!