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  • Dear Nassim, Please advise as I still waiting the confirmation mail from US Payment approval which I already sent to them the justification & my ID for this service and I waiting since more than 17 days and can't withdraw my money from Paypal as I heard that may my money not approved by US Payment service Last mail,I sent…
  • Dear ALL, I have my account on Paypal verified after linking my Payonner US Bank account,and already withdraw money from my Paypal account via US Payment service My question is,my limit on Paypal is 500$/month,so I just want to link my payonner debit card with Paypal and will not use the card even in withdraw or upload…
  • hi all, I need to know after my US Payment verified and already have money into my Payoneer card,if I'm able to link my Payoneer card to my paypal account which already verifed and linked previously with my US Account with Payoneer and I received money on it. And If I can link it,it is allowed for me to send and receive…
  • No,My question is to transfer Money after receiveing it on My Payoneer Card by your Payoneer Global Money Transfer service and I think this is additional service with Payoneer and I will sure ready to wait more business days after receiving money on My card to complete the transfer to my account in Egypt In breif,I'm…
  • Thanks alot for your information
  • I will appreciate your quick reply for the above questions
  • Thanks David for your reply but still I have two issues which I need your reply for them : - Is it valid to link my payoneer card with my Paypal account,Just to increase Paypal Withdraw Limit and not to use it for withdraw money from paypal? If ok can i use the card to upload money to my paypal account ? - if I cannot use…
  • Dear Nassim, Many Thanks,I received a confirmation mail Now
  • Dear Nassim, Nothing received on my mail,please find my mail below [email protected] Waiting you ASAP
  • Dear Nassim, Still I'm not received any new updates for my US Payment approval ? Waiting your quck feedback Many Thanks in Advance

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