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  • hichamov. An Obvious Troll is Still Obvious Anyhoo, I made a transfer yesterday, and I will be expecting to receive it tomorrow (Thursday). If I don't I shall conclude that there are issues at Payoneer we are not being made aware about and I shall warn everyone who cares about their money to be very careful with this…
  • hichamov with all due respect you shouldn't talk about stuff you know little about. You can clearly read the comments from Payoneer staff in which they admit there have been problems with withdrawals initiated on certain dates.
  • Thanks for that, Just a small follow up question. Have you successfully processed other Vba withdrawals since you started having the current difficulties? That will really assist me in weighing the risks. Again, thanks
  • let me ask. if I withdraw another sum using virtual account facility, will it be processed normally or will it be held up like the earlier amounts? I hope I can get an informed (and truthful) answer on this. If I am told I can withdraw normally but the money end up being stuck, my whole life will be ruined Thanks
  • someone (Payoeer staff member) on twitter suggested that the file may have been found. what came of that?
  • Funny that... The problem might have occurred on a weekend followed by a holiday, but you've had 4 FULL working days after that to deal with it. If it is such a simple problem like it's been made to look like, then you should have dealt with it during those four days up until Friday. Communication to those affected has…
  • I am also having the same problem with delay in getting payment, It has been 10 days now since I made the withdrawal and I haven't received anything yet. I am not sure whats more worrying; the delays, or the generic, no-specific-date responses from Payoneer staff I am running low on supplies, haven't paid rent and…