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  • Here are the critaria: * Your password must be at least 7 characters long. * At least 1 Alphabetic character (a - z) * At least 1 Numeric digit(s) (0 - 9)
  • I'm not sure if I understood your question. But ruther then trying to remember the password and trying them again and again, I think it's safe to just try "Forgot Password" option. Otherwise Payoneer might block you out.
  • Your email address is your Username. For your password, go to this link: You have to provide email address as Username and Data of birth, If you forgot your date of birth then call your parents, I'm sure they will remember that. :thumbsu: After you reset your password…
  • Normally Romi takes care of this type of question in community. But she is silent since 9th September. Either she is on holiday :bbq: or left the job :fpc: I am saying this because she answers question very fast, but not doing it since. Even I am waitning for some answers too. One payment or mine is stuck too. I hope she…
  • Ya, almost same thing happened with me. When I tried to connect my USPS account with paypal, it denied. I contacted with Paypal support and they threatened me that they will permanently suspend my account if I try to add this bank account to my Paypal. I think paypal is taking payoneer as their competitor or something.
  • You are welcome.
  • Follow these steps: 1. You should load some money to your Payoneer card. 2. Then add the card to your paypal to unlimit it 3. Add the USPS Information to your paypal. 4. Transfer your paypal money to Payoneer. Good luck.
  • I think you are trying to add your Payoneer card to Paypal, this is different then USPS.