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  • Hi, where can I see what are my VBA limits for private payments, over ACH? Are those limits also for money that I withdraw from PayPal?
  • Nice, thank you for fast response Thalia. I had limit on my Payoneer card for private payments of $2000 for 30 days, a lot of my money had to go other ways, with VBA I am going to flow entire cash over Payoneer, Great news!
  • Great, so I can receive money over ACH to VBA without any limitations, except limit of 2500$ per day?
  • How much time we need to leave them? That is what I am asking for, I do not need for problem to be resolved today, but I need precise answer about when this is going to be resolved. This is MOST important thing for me. If I need to wait more than 14 days to solve problems like this, and need to open threads about it on…
  • @hichamov I hope that questions is not will they solve it or not. Question is WHEN? That is what I need to know. After 9 days of NOTHING I need to have some answer, because if I have larger amounts of $ going over Payoneer I need to have better (read faster) response when problems like this happen.
  • For me there a two different cases but no money from either of them. On Sep 1st PayPal send money from my account to Virtual Acc. So let's say that this is same problem that affects rest of people here. But, on Sep 5th I had private load, not related to PayPal at all, and still I do not have money from it. So 9 days and…
  • I also withdraw money from PayPal on 1st, but still nothing on Virtual account. Also got private payment to Virtual Acc on 5th and nothing from that either. What is, usual, timeframe for money to show on my Virtual account?