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  • As an old customer of US Payment service (Virtual Bank account) we're not eligible to get reduced fee! Reference for Payoneer Support Team: LTK529021165153X
  • I few days ago (one or two months ago) requested Payoneer to go with Moneybookers for virtual account. And yesterday I got an email from Payoneer regarding virtual account which informed me that Payoneer will now accept fund transfer from Moneybookers via virtual account. So I should thank Payoneer for this. Anyway, I once…
  • Is it possible to regenerate VBA number? I recently faced an issue, detail is here LTK52905029811X Thanks in advanced.
  • How much a VBA will costs? Setup fee detail please. Monthly/Yearly or One Time? And costs per transaction? Can I use this account to withdraw from oDesk via ACH? And how to get an VB account?
  • Thanks David, I just sent you a PM, please check
  • They stopped the process as some funds were there. So I have no way until spend all amounts. Another question, can I add two oDesk accounts in same card? One is for mine, another is for my brother who wants to withdraw fund to my card to reduce expenses
  • Nissim, can you please let me know any update about my request? Two days was gone, but no luck yet.
  • WOW, great Really Payoneer Team is being super fast day by day
  • CS asked me some info. I sent those by the reply of the email. Now I need your help again to process the request faster
  • Nissim, please look at LTK529012336193X. Don't miss to move my Virtual Account. That is too important. A lot of money is on the way through VA.
  • I'll merge two accounts (after getting Payments from PayPal which were already sent) soon and for that I'll contact to CS. Thanks Nissim for waving activation fee and information regarding card merging.
  • Please look at chat (ID: LTK529012298017X) about fee waive. UPDATE: David confirmed me that activation fee for my card was waived. Thanks to Payoneer Team.
  • I still didn't get any reply from card approval department. And in the ticket I requested to join those account but they let me know that that was under review, please check and let me know the status.
  • I tried to add my VBA with PayPal. PayPal already deposited two amounts to my account they said. But where can I find them in my Payoneer account? Pre Authorization list? Or in other? How long it can take to display in my Payoneer Account? Please help me.
  • I got today, too much excited to check functionality. Thanks to the VA team.
  • Please let me know the status of LTK52901108675X. I provided everything including Photo ID.
  • Unfortunately I deleted the email. I'll wait for the response. Could you please tell me about the setup charge?
  • I sent an email about 3 days ago. No reply yet. I got over 20 loads from oDesk, using this card from last September, total amount was more than $8000. So I think you'll help me, isn't it?

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