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  • Seems like that there are no people from payonner visiting the support forum every day. I hope support is not like that. I has been really slow before but I hope they have been imporved now. Because most big companies have customer support that answers support tickets every days and no company can afford to have no…
  • I only do not get how is bank from one country different from bank from another. Swift transfer works in each European country equally.
  • Hi, This isn't a local but a global bank transfer. I cannot get money from my bank. They asked me to provide the address of the company I the money was sent from in before I canh use the money. It says that I got the money from "TCC USD - PAYONEER SETTLEMENT ACC THE DIRECTORS TH" but i am not sure what is the address of…
  • I never said GBT and Withdrawal to Bank Account Service were the same.
  • Does this mean that this cannot be done in my country since i use GBT and not local bank transfer? Have you head if fiverr plans to add GBT to the payment options? Thanks
  • Hi, Is with withdrawal to bank service possible to transfer funds from payoneer card (account) to bank account? Also if my particular case - I just use bank transfer from a partner so I do not have the payoneer card. Now i want to receive payments from fiverr, and they pay only to payoneer card. So in this case if I…
  • Any news related to fiverr GBT? Did they decide against it? In which countries is it available except in india?
  • No this feature would improve Payoneer significantly. I mean, this feature would make Payoneer more like Paypal, and in some ways even better than Paypal.
  •  I vouch for this one. It would make payoneer more like paypal and more real businesses that depends on bank account would use it. However, @Romi the thing is that you do not need to develop anything new to make this happen. You just need a buton on the site to load money from the Card to the GBT.
  • Yeah I posted on their forums, twitter and client support. Not available at the moment is what they say. I guess it takes just one click to enable it for all countries. Still these changes are pretty slow and i do not believe they will add this option in less than few months and it is too late.
  • Who from fiverr should I contact to ask is it possible for them to enable the global transfer option in my account? I asked their support and they sugessted to ask Payoneer. As far as i undestand, they just need to additionally enable global transfer for my country, the same as they jave done for India, right?
  • Got the payment. Thanks very much. Regarding Fiverr, I know currently it isn't possible to transfer funds via bank transfer from them. I wonder why didn't they get the option in the first place? Is there an additional cost involved (for Fiverr) if they want to include both card and the bank transfer option? If there isn't…
  • Well I now can login, but the bank account number is wrong. It ends with letters.
  • No this still doesn't work and it has been 9 days since it stopped working. About screenshot: There isn't any error so there is no need for a screenshot. When I try to login I just get back to the login page. It doesn't work in Firefox as well as in IE.
  • When will you fix the login problem?
  • Please check (if possible) if the bank transfer has been initiated, as I still cannot login.
  • Ok. Probably because of he new site version. There is a spelling error on the homepage "Millions of pepole around the world already choose to be paid through Payoneer."
  • I now i am unable to login to my account and it even doesn't say my password is wrong. I click login and i just do not get logged in.
  • Thanks very much.
  • I mean it could take multiple answers to solve the problem.
  • Hello, Thanks for that. Got an email which was only a sort of security verification of my email. So it didn't really help solving the problem. Totally, I have been waiting for almost a month to receive the transfer. Do I need to wait another week for the answer from GBT which might not solve the problem as well? Zox
  • Hi, I still didn't get any reply. I sent an mails 15th and after that i sent few additional ones including the most important one which has been sent yesterday; it includes new bank accounts data that should work well with payoneer.
  • Hi, There is no need investigating the problem in depth especially if it takes that long. And anything more than 2 days is long in my opinion, as I usually get questions answered via my bank's support center within 30 minutes. Why doesn't GBT department simply send the bank transfer again using the original data given by…
  • No it is not about USPS but a global bank transfer. The global bank transfer was unsucesfull, so my personal bank has asked for the details about the global bank transfer including the name/swift code of the bank payoneer used to send the transfer. Of course they need these details in order to find out why the transfer…

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