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  • So I sent off some cash via PayPal yesterday, while I expect it to be completed soon enough, I'm not certain on how long it takes for the funds to show up in my account. My experience with this sort of thing from when I use to deal with a First Bank debit card distributor back in the day, has always been good. Usually if I…
  • The whole thing is a joke. I've had the same problems with CS trying to get rid of me. Recently, I had a string of failed transactions, and that cost me $7. $7 is a lot of money in my country for your information. This need to take a fee for failed transactions is so ridiculous. Furthermore, recieving payment is slow, I…
  • Nothing as of yet man, and I have sent this thing aroud the middle of last week.
  • I have looked into this, and I swear as we speak I'm looking into alternative options. Payoneer extract fees for almost everything you do, and then there's the seperate fees the ATMs charge for transactions. You add this up on a monthly basis and you'll realize how much money this service is taking out of your pocket. I…
  • While I do have an approval pending, I'll wait for Payoneer security checks, I won't bother giving you my transaction number. I'm the unknown ninja :sword:
  • However, I must add, why the manual review if there is an automated process that seems to do things faster? I think Payoneer need to look into this, and also consider that many of us have families and other responsibilities to take care of that requires a faster loading system so we won't get kicked out by or landlords or…
  • I smiled while reading this. You guys have good customer support. keep it up.
  • I did some checking, the website says 5-7 business days, live customer support is saying the same thing. So as it stands, no matter how early in the week payment is sent, I will have to wait until the other week. This is ridiculous and far from what I expected. Paypal to US bank transfer does not take this long unless…