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  • payment delayed Hello, i told the story a million times over the customer support chat, in short, i made two transfers to my account last week, on sep 1 and on sep 3, and i don't have the money on my account yet, i had a lot of different versions so far form the customer support and i have been told today to "wait a few…
  • they are some days delayed now, for me, it usually takes between 2 and 4 days, 7 business days today for me. btw, any news? that must be a HUGE file to take that much..
  • i understand that, but i think that things went slow with the bank finding the issue, i'm not sure tho, but i'm sure things would have been differently if we were located in the same country as the bank... you know, everything is harder online, you can't go to the bank and have a word with the manager or something like…
  • when are we going to know?, you guys should consider a different MORE RELIABLE bank.
  • any news talia?
  • I hear ya martin, hopefully everything will be cleared by tomorrow, let's cross our fingers...
  • i understand talia, i hope it was a big misunderstanding and all, and i guess you understand too that it gets harder and harder to have patience when you are about to get kicked out form your home for not paying, and don't have any more money to feed your family because of a system that should always work. i'm very…
  • and i just had one of the most negative experiences on my chat with the customer support team: Lucas: Hello and welcome to Payoneer Customer Support, how may I help you? Luis Salazar: hello lucas Luis Salazar: you never answer my last questio Luis Salazar: maybe you didn't get it Luis Salazar: it was Luis Salazar: when are…
  • a timeframe would be nice, we have been waiting a lot, and looks like on the CS chat they don't have a clue, i'm still getting generic responses without a timeframe, could you help us, PLEASE?
  • Thank you nissim, your customer service rocks, i just can say that, i don't have my money yet and im very nervous about it, but i gotta give it to you guys. Adrian
  • i got the same exact problem, i made a transfer to my account on sep 1 and sep 3, for almost 2k in both, and now i have to "wait a few days" this is SO unprofessional, i'm getting worried about my money. i will make a thread on my own too, i hope we can get some help over here.