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  • for an already verified paypal account Hi, I found it worthwhile to share this info to all new US payment service users. When i added my First Century Bank Account on my PayPal account, I received a mail saying that Paypal had sent two small deposits of less than 1 dollar and that i needed to enter the small payments…
  • Thanks all for credit and those who are generously sharing their views. You are saving many a great deal. Otherwise long-life Payoneer. :thumbsu:
  • @R4 Ok. Then if you did add your payoneer card number on your paypal and it deducted some verification fee, the paypal A/c should be reading as verified. When i added my card number on my paypal, my payoneer account asked me whether i want to allow paypal to use my card. After clicking "allow", they deducted something like…
  • But i think its easy to verify your paypal account using Payoneer Mastercard. You only need to have something like 3 dollars on your card to do it. Once you add your card on your paypal account, it automatically becomes verified and deducts this verification fee. You can later delete the card from the paypal account and…
  • Hi Guys, Please note that my initial post was addressing cases of an already VERIFIED PAYPAL A/C from what I experienced. Good to see that some users who were not having a verified paypal account before adding their US virtual bank into thier paypal withdrawal methods successfully receive the small deposits sent by paypal.…
  • Hi Nissim, I'm glad that you found it worth being pinned and I'm sure many users will have an easy time using this Incredible service. It's a great service that makes us give Payoneer 5 Stars. Thanks
  • Hi All, I ever came across something like US payment deducts an yearly maintenance fee of $20 ( which is very friendly for an years service) and is deducted from the first deposits until the fee gets fully settled. Can the admin clarify this. Also, if i pay the 20dollars at this time (Dec 2012), will I be required to pay…