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How are people using Payoneer in India? I want to use Payoneer in India too, even if I do not get a debit card. I just need to use it for receiving payments into my bank account. So, what do I do?


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  • Hello spanhawk, From what I understand, the charges we have to pay are, - Currency Rate*97.25/100 as the final Currency Rate. 1. Payoneer Charges - $3 2. Currency Conversion Charges - 3.75 % 3. Service Tax, VAT - 12.5 % on Currency conversion charges. I guess you can calculate the sum while keeping into account the above…
  • > @Ossi Baba said: > Dear, > > You can use Payoneer in India easily, Just Sign Up for Bank Application. > > thank You Dear, You cannot do it. It needs you to sign up for the Payoneer Account first that you cannot do in India as India is not listed in the countries. Try it out yourself. Thanks for replying anyway. I asked…
  • > @spanhawk said: > Any response ?? From what I can understand, I think some are the currency conversion charges levied by banks, I guess it is around 3.5%, some are service taxes levied by government, I guess it is 12.5 % on the currency conversion charges(not the total amount), $3 is levied by Payoneer directly and other…
  • Well, as far as I understand the situation, Payoneer charges $3.15 and rest must be the bank charges like Currency conversion charges or government taxes like service tax, VAT, etc, whichever is applicable. I am not sure about which taxes are applicable in your country, but I feel most banks charge around 3.5 % as currency…
  • I think I am unnecessarily struggling to get Payoneer working when it is not really worth it looking at this. I would certainly not like to get my hard earned money getting eaten up by the middle men like Payoneer. I feel sorry for this guy for trusting Payoneer.
  • > @Oliveandy said: > Dear Friend/ Team, > Unknowingly while registering Payoneer, "I have by default, selected to receive my payments directly to a Payoneer MasterCard. But I am interested to switch to the Bank Transfer service to INDIA." How did you register with Payoneer in the first place?
  • > @Oliveandy said: > i have my newly opened account with a Master card with me. but since the card withdraw is not available for INDIA and bank transfer is available, so i want to switch it from card to Bank withdraw, and this i am unable to do so. please guide me and help. I don't get it. On the Payoneer sign up page, in…
  • > @Nissim said: > Due to RBI regulations, we are unfortunately not able to provide Payoneer cards to Indian residents. If you are living outside of India, with a billing address and government issued ID for the country you are living in, you can sign up for Payoneer. Dear Nissim Sir, I apologize, but why the ffff you…
  • If you are from India, how did you open a Payoneer Account? I could not see India listed in the countries. So, did you give a fake address? As far as I know, Indians cannot even open an account at Payoneer. Tell me, if I am wrong.