My card just got declined in a place I've used it many times before. I have enough funds. What's the issue?? And no CS on weekends is bad.


  • OK thanks It would just have made more sense surely to check and verify after the first payment not after a year and a half of me dealing with that company. I hope the payments are released in to my account today.
  • I totally understand that you have to verify Payments from new senders. My issue is you do that with every payment I receive from this company for payment of services. So clearly it was OK for the last 18 months that I have dealt with them so it should be OK this time? Nothing has changed between then and now. I think once…
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  • Thanks for the response but what I am saying is that the payment enters my account on any given day at the same time roughly. It then takes a few hours to go through the approval procedure and I can access the funds same day. On a Friday nearly always it doesn't today I am left waiting and I don't hold out…
  • Yes happened to me my room was booked and was due to be automatically charged to the card one week before the stay. The card on my account was Payoneer and it declined without my knowledge so the hotel cancelled my room!