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  • It's been 3 days still no reply i got in troubles come on feel us you guys take a long time to reply to us or fix our accounts why???
  • But i can't find the topic for the problem I requested to disable my card and activate my old card they approved my request but my balance are not automatically loaded to my debit card its only showing in my usd bank account not on the card as always.
  • Answer my damn post why my balance aren't automatically loaded to debit card
  • They unblocked my card finally but my balance on us payment service did not automatically loaded to my card
  • Just explain why this glitch? We have just transferred your activity onto your old card. Why my old card still blocked fix this!!
  • The second card its closed on my payonner account so i think i will just throw it or keep it with me if doesn't matter i guess 1 more thing bro when i got my card by dhl they never toke 40$ from my payonner account why?
  • I got my card on jun 3 by dhl shipping but i never got my tracking number lol
  • I did not understand what do i currently have to do ?
  • I'm talking about account approval it's been more than 5 days and i did not get any email from payonner while my friend got he's account approved in 15 minutes and the other one in only 1 minute why mine doesn't approved yet?
  • My question was do i get email neither if my account not be approved for some reasons.