• @Dan_Payoneer grateful if you could help me with the following question: my old card expires in 11/18 and I have already applied and received a new one. However, I still haven't activated the new one as I have funds on the old one. I assume that the funds will be transferred to the new one once I activate it as per…
  • Hi, I can only log in via a VPN browser extension mimicking a US location. Can the issue be location-based? I still can't log in from a regular Chrome browser or the mobile app.
  • @Dan_Payoneer it seemed to be okay today for a few hours and it's down again now.
  • Hi Dan, I can't see the web page with the transactions or anything else related to my account. The login screen takes me to this link: (I am not allowed to post links here, so I have to change it a bit, removing the HTTPS and a part of the link for security purposes):…
  • Hi there, I have the same problem as mentioned above - I can't access the login screen at all from a mobile or a desktop browser. When I go to the login link, I get the "access denied" message on an empty screen. I've tried logging in from a different location, but the login details don't seem to work!!! Please help!