• Hello Dan, I think before going in these details it would be good to know if (USA) is accepting Payoneer as Deposit method for people from a €-coutry. In a Payoneer blog it is mentioned that Amazon accepts sellers of 24 countries to use Payoneer; in Amazon sellercentral indeed no €-country is on the list under…
  • Hello Dan, a driving license (or national ID), a credit or debit card and a bank statement. That's what I did: driving license, debit card and bank statement of my account at a Greek bank.
  • Hi Dan, just FYI: I tried to sign up again and now I could finish my application. The solution was to give the number of my national ID instead of the driving license. Hopefully my application will be accepted!
  • I tried to reset, but Payoneer doesn't send me the according mail although it says so.
  • Yes Dan, I always use the same e-mail-address. But notice: I never created a Payoneer account; but as an Amazon-seller I think Payoneer takes over all the database and for that reason I seem to already own a payoneer-account. Where do you want me to sent my e-mail?
  • Hello Dan, thank you very much for trying to help me. I did never signed up for a Payoneer account before and therefore don't have a customer ID. Trying to create a Payoneer account yesterday, the system does not highlighten the "NEXT"-button after having filled the Security Details. After having sent the issue to custimer…