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  • Hello Hannah. Ok will try. It would not be a problem like I have several accounts on Payoneer? Just don't want to lose my first Payoneer because of the Ebay lol. The Payoneer is more important for me.
  • Hi Hannah. Yes I know. I used it for business. I have it for several years :) So that exactly the problem. My ebay account is also a "business" type of account. I don't understand why it cannot be synced.
  • same issue here. Not sure what to do.
  • I got > @FoxtrotDelta said: > I just had to register on the forum and say this. God damn so much negativity on the forum, i understand the anxiety & fear i also have 2500$ stuck on the card in USD but that doesn't mean i should spread hate or negativity around me because of this. i have been a payoneer user for years and…
  • > @VegaAm said: > (Quote) > I see. Did she get money from Payoneer? > I still have an error when trying to withdraw. We both were able to withdraw money that in excess of our card balance. However as said currently status is pending. So till June 29-30 not possible to know. Let's say: I would not be a big surprising if…
  • > @VegaAm said: > (Quote) > Do you both have cards? > > Some of my coworkers managed to get money but they don't have cards, only account. Yes we both have cards. One on my name and one of my wife.
  • last update. Was able to login to my account from a different browser and was able to withdraw all money that over limited of credit card. My wife also was able to do same. Now we both have only frozen money that "on credit card". Still a lot of frozen money but at least something... Hope transfers will come to our banks…
  • last update guys.. Wife's account: all money got to be visible ( both card frozen and over limit that in not on the card). My wife was able to withdraw some amount! The status pending but at least it was not error while withdrawing. My account: not able to login at all. Getting an error that password is wrong.
  • The balance on my account was changed to lower amount and it does not counts with credit card issue. I had a balance of 7377.43$. Now it shows "5000$ on your credit card" So what I understand the 5000$ was freezing but 2377.43$ the amount that was "over limit" the card balance and can be withdraw. But I don't have it. It…
  • cannot withdraw funds to my local bank account. Spoke with customers service.. it is because of the credit card issue. It started to smell not good.