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  • Same case with me. I called Paypal but they refused to add bank account. :(
  • Before the time is gone, we need to stick together and make some association. May be Payoneer must support as it has a strong customer base in Pakistan.
  • Assalam o alaikum :hot: Kya koi bta sakta hay ke ek freelancer ke paas proof of income kya hota hay? Main freelancer hoon or apna current account khulwana chahta hoon Payoneer se withdrawal ke liyay lekin main jis bank mein bhi jata hoon woh kehtay hain keh aap hard copy mein koi proof of income lao jis se pta chalay keh…
  • What if I don't use payoneer card and just use payoneer service to withdraw money directly to my local bank account. Isn't it a less costly way of getting forieng money? If I don't use Payoneer debit card (and only use their transfer service), will I still be charged annual fee by Payoneer?
  • As far as I know their initial deposit requirement is Rs. 100,000.
  • With the arrival of bank transfer facility, ATM is certainly going to become a luxury. So let's talk the new dimentions: Unfortunately I have very remote experience with banking thus I need help from you people to suggest me local banks that facilitate following options; 1- Account must be available through internet so…
  • Todays Story I went to mughal pura SCB Lahore. :psy: requested 30,000.00 8) It said you have maximum limit of 20,200 Ok, Then I tried 20,000.00 It said you have maximum limit of 20,000 (Earlier it said 20,200) 3rd time I tried 20,000.00 :sword: It said you have maximum limit of 20,000 Ok, then I tried 15,000.00 and they…
  • Hi, This is the general calculator for Standard Chartred Bank. I have solved your case I am just unable to upload the excel calculator file
  • 2 Questions please, 1> What is the process of withdrawal of Rs. 20,000+ from SCB? You incert payoneer debit card, input pin, then select what out of "Quick cash", "Current account", "Saving Account" and "Other payment" options. 2> How I can verify my pin after I login to my Payoneer account? (I don't want to change it, I…

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