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  • Yes, you can transfer the funds to your local bank account. Add your bank account with payoneer then waiting for approved by payoneer team. After approved your bank info then you can transfer.
  • is now a thief, i have spent over $30k in one year with them. Provide them your payoneer Customer ID to check that is same account. You don't need to change payoneer email.
  • > @pero86 said: > Hi, is there any option to integrate Payoneer payment system on my website and accept credit card payments on my website? And recieve funds directly to my payoneer account. > That would be really nice. But I just can't find it. > So can you recommend some service that have low fees and works great with…
  • > @rudro said: > can I use my bank account to my mother's bank account for withdrawing money > please help me out ------------------- Nope!!!!!!!! You cannot use different name and bank account info with payoneer! If payoneer support team approved your mother account with your payoneer account, then i love to say its…
  • > @JolySira said: > Admin: Skrill charges you from an international processor, which causes a cross border fee to be applied. > > > > I just saw some people having trouble with adding their payoneer card to MB and not been able to verify it. The thing is, the amount that the payoneer card shows in transaction is not…
  • > @PRITHIV23 said: > I given withdrawal request form Skrill... But the Skrill has been processed the withdrawal request... The problem is.. I not received the money from last 1 week... What is the solution for this? > > ------------------------------------------------- A sad news for you @PRITHIV :'( ! Skrill banned all…
  • > @samra2006 said: > I cant see mobey withdraw option. I have money available in my account but in funding sources it says no funds available. It sjows me balance 485 gbp.what to do Your payoneer account is approved yet. Contact here:
  • > @Mamun001 said: > I couldn't find the Order card button.How to Oder card. i have $50. Your payoneer account is approved yet. Contact here:
  • > @zahid3d9 said: > Hi there, I am a new user in payoneer account. I have created my account by another reference. Today first time I load my account from Fiverr marketplace $114.My questions is According to the point: My card is not activate yet > (1) Can I withdraw my funds to directly local bank account? > (2) Can I…
  • > @Nazmulkhan_rafi said: > I have 104$ in my payoneer account and loaded in fiverr freelance marketplace but why not show ORDER MASTER CARD option. Your payoneer account is approved yet. Contact here:
  • > @basitahmed1 said: > Hi ! I had processed a payment of $830 on 22nd Jan and then $145 and £230 on 24th Jan. All the 3 transactions are not appearing in my bank account. Despite calling the payoneer support line several times, they tell me they will have this checked with the Payment dept but nothing is happening. They…
  • > @rifat29 said: > Previous conversation you write to access the funds other local bank account holder.My question is can I use bangladeshi local bank "DUTCH BANGLA BANK"? please give me answer my query. Yes, you can use DUTCH BANGLA BANK, BRAC Bank Limited and Standard Chartered bank as weel.…