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  • I'd appreciate if anyone could help me understand: I got this email on July 2nd (1st photo) but even today inside my account's Dashboard page (2nd photo) I still see the following which is contradictory to what is written in the email: So am I allowed to use the card like before ? ...to receive payments from my clients and…
  • > @MSchiavon said: > Yeap, well that's just not working for me. I could send Payment Requests in EUR and got paid all OK but not in USD. Ok thanks for your time. Seems I will have to contact support If they can't help you, and I'm assuming you use Payoneer bcs you can't use the full Paypal service, I'd recommend xoom.com…
  • > @MSchiavon said: > Awesome so there is hope! and how did you manage to solve that? if I may ask Many things have changed.... But from what I can remember (and read from my previous reply), in the past there was this "Make a payment" option which my clients used to send me money. Instead, I now send them a payment request…
  • > @MSchiavon said: > Hey there, were you able to solve this? I'm having the same issue about missing USD currency for the payment request. I'm about to lose my biggest client just because Payoneer just messed that up. Atm if I use the "Request a payment" option I'm able to choose USD, and my clients are able to pay with…
  • Update: So to make things clear, none of my clients whose payoneer cards are "connected" with an address in our country, can send me USD payments anymore with the usual 0 fees, nor I can send them USD payments. All of our accounts receive USD incoming transactions from freelance websites but none of us can send USD to the…
  • UPDATE: Question sent to Support. Ticket marked as Solved without any answer. Any thoughts ? @Dan_Payoneer I asked my foreign "Bulgarian" client, his Payoneer card is 100% "domestic", meaning everything in it is connected to the country where I live i.e. where he lived, and has nothing Bulgarian in it. Screenshot of the…
  • The last time when there was an issue (payment stuck on pending for many days) I contacted the guys at the FB page which were kind enough to resend it to the Support agents which solved the issue almost immediately. I did write to them yesterday right before I post here, but since it's weekend I presumed I'll get a…
  • Dear Dan, allow me to rephrase my question: Why am I no longer allowed to receive USD payments by other Payoneer users when they're using the "Make a Payment" option? The Payers get the following error: "Your recipient can't receive payments in the selected currency" (selected is USD) Invoicing platforms... I honestly have…
  • For these 2 I don't have the exact details because one emigrated to Bulgaria and the other one works/lives both here and in the US, it's not appropriate to ask personal questions regarding the specifics of their accounts, which nationality was chosen, etc. From time to time someone from another country pays me for my…

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