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  • Amazingly, Payoneer help me receive my CB comissions quickly. I used to received commissions through checks that can take up to 40 to 60 days before the money is deposited to my bank account. I'm not in the US, that's is why receiving the check alone can take 2 to 3 weeks plus the clearing of the check that can take 20 to…
  • Affiliate networks that pay my commissions through Paypal... * MarketHealth * SellHealth * ImpactFive (MoreNiche) * DXAffiliates Hope this helps....
  • Thank you for your reply, David. Got the required information through your guidance and ShareASale just confirmed the changed, successful. :)
  • Hi Nissim, Today, I've got my first payment from Clickbank through my Payoneer card(USPS). :) It was a quick payment. Amazing. When I was using the payment through check, it will take over a month to clear the check and deposit the money to my bank account. Thank you for this service guys... :)
  • I tried changing my Amazon method of payment, filled up the necessary information and it was accepted. I'll be waiting for further message from Amazon, if there are any. If there is none, I guess all went through.
  • Thank Nissim... I'm really looking forward and excited about this as this makes CB payment quicker when compared to checks.
  • Thank you Nissim for your reply. I think that clears up the questions that I have. Will let you know how the first payment goes :) Thank you again.
  • Very interesting information and good news to those who do not have a Verified Paypal account, yet.
  • Hi Nissim, Thank you for the information. I already sent the information required including my Clickbank account screenshot and Government issued ID. The first two requirements I'm not so sure because it says my products and services. However, I don't have any products as I am an affiliate promoting products from…
  • @inkze: I've sent you an e-mail with further information on the US Payment Service, including details on how to apply. Hello nissim, is applying a Virtual Account be able to recieve payments from Clickbank? I don't know the process of getting my Payoneer account number and routing number as clickbank is asking these…