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  • hello all i sent a help request 2 times through the contact form and no answer...my virtual account is active, all is fine, i got a payment from buysellads but i didn't got anything from Payoneer!!? at my buysellads report the money was transfere…
  • hello please can you check my ticket : LTK52902592201X i loaded my card many times and i really would like to get one which will be profitable for me and for payoneer also! Best regards
  • @SreckoM i totaly agree with you and i understand like the payoneer's staff understand too and i hope that your problem will be resolved sooner than later. Maybe some got me wrong and don't understand why i defend payoneer, so i give you an simple …
  • (Quote) heheh im not a troll dude.. so Funny hehehe im a simple Payoneer card holder since 2009, and all what i tried to say is Business Mean Patience.. You will Say Time Mean Money and i agree with you but you have also to be patient because isuu…
  • (Quote) and with all respect due to you you shouldn't be frustrated if you think you know more little than the little i know (Image) whatever, Patience is a Vertue and any problem have a solution so stop acting rude! Goodluck (Image)
  • i really don't understand why you are so Frustrating about the money you transfert from paypal to payoneer VBA!! i do that and i got the money in 2 Days... my question for the ones who are too frustrated : do you have a verified paypal account!? do …
  • hello again, please how can i request a reinstate of my VBA because i have some problems!! Thank you in advance
  • Hello insta-traderfx why you use Becareful (Image) ok let's say it's a little problem that can easily be resolved.. and concerning the Support.. i you write a feedback that will take long.. but if you use the Online Support it's gona be fast.. the…
  • Hello So now it's cool, the paypal transfert passed like a charme to my VBA account (Image) i Love Payoneer and happy Business To All. Thank you Nissim and Talia for the Help.
  • (Quote) yes i agree with you, but what i don't understand, the bank from i did the payment is based in usa, payoneer VBA is in usa too, so normaly the transaction had to work as it's a local transfert... the second thing is payoneer had to inform…
  • hello, now i try a direct deposit from paypal so we will see how it's gona be (Image)
  • hello, here iam again, unfortunely the transaction was rejected.. Didn't Got Any message From Payoneer To Let me know About it.. 1 WEEK Waiting... and if i didn't Contacted You.. the 500$ Will Go with the Wind!! (Image) too funny, so what's the u…
  • (Quote) hello, im not worried Talia (Image) it's just a questions... it's not the first time i load my card and usually don't take so long, so my question was about the delay and that's all thank you nissim again for your answers, we will see h…
  • hello thank you for your answer nissim, i just find this strange, for exemple when i send funds from buysellads to my bank in morocco it's take 4 days only!! the buysellads bank is based in usa.. the Payoneer VBA is in usa also so why it's take so …
  • hello me again (Image) i really can't understand!! already 1 week now and i got nothing from payoneer!!
  • i had a talk with the help center.. it take 5 to 7 days (Image) ) long time!! hope it's gona become faster!! thank you all. (Quote)
  • thank you nissim, will wait then i come back to you.
  • i really would like that too, plus biuysellads is a very big company and it's the Best Alternative for google adsense, all webmasters and publishers use them now.
  • thank you nissim i contacted them yesterday, thank you for your answers
  • (Quote) i already did yesterday.. but there is no answer... i don't know which other informations is needed... it's not the first time i load the card...

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