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  • Same problem, "Server Error : Invalid Input" And yes When I hit "OK" I am forever stuck at the loading screen. My device is The Samsung Galaxy S4 Running on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). I am from Bangladesh.
  • Hi! I applied for a card about a month ago from a affiliate link that my friend referred. I have already submitted my National ID. Just waiting for the approval mail, should have got it by now but no response. My friend got it in two days I don't know why is this happening. I asked him also and he said to contact here.…
  • Hello, I applied for a card and got it in hand about 2 months ago, I associated it with my oDesk account soon after but I removed my payoneer account from my oDesk account by accident, now when I go to my payoneer account it is showing as blocked (#MA104). My Email Used: [email protected] Please someone unblock my account,…
  • Hello! I applied for a card on March 26. I have uploaded my national ID, but I am still waiting for the approval mail. My reference number is: 2382024
  • @Davis, Thanks But As I have said earlier I have already contacted your customer support. They are saying my account was not approved for undisclosed reasons which means they cannot tell me the reason. That's why I am here...Please try to understand. I am getting the hold of why should this happen.
  • "Dear Md Habibur Rahman, We're sorry, but your recent application for a Prepaid MasterCard® has been declined. Should you believe this to be an error please contact us at Payoneer Contact Form Your Application Reference Number for this matter is: 2315289." This is the email that I got from payoneer approval department. I…
  • @David Thanks for the fast response, but I am not seeing any mail other than the "Card order decline email" that I received on March 26th. As I said I have already contacted payoneer support team as instructed on that email, but no luck there. My Payoneer Registration Email Is: [email protected] Can you please check…
  • Hello! I applied for a payoneer MasterCard through fiverr this month, I uploaded all of my documents. But inspire all this I got a email after 20 days, yesterday that my account was not approved. I cannot find any reasons why did this happen. I have already contacted payoneer support and they said they cannot help me. It's…