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  • Try by receiving a payment from fiverr of 30$ or more. Only this worked for me
  • My apologies, I found out myself the card was not even activated (I thought it got activated after scanning the QR code but nope, that failed) only way I could activate is on settings > cards. After that only by clicking the 2 arrows circle under EUR balance loads the card; I hope this helps someone with same issue.
  • Hi I already read about it but I'm confused: if I or a friend does a transfer from his local bank to one of the virtual bank accounts on my payoneer account, will it count as global transfer? And will that be eligible for card? I'm only confused about this. If you can clear this doubt would be really helpful. Thank you
  • Hi I completed the guestionnaire and the status appears as submitted, but the status of my ID appearing as approved. how long until all is approved? and in the meantime, is there any restriction? Also to be eligible for the card, will a bank transference from my local bank will count? I'm waiting for money from my wiverr…
  • > @GianmarcoPayoneer said: > @iMax yes, if not completed, payments can go into pending status. We strongly advise you to fill the information out as best as you can. I didn't think this was so hard to setup; but it might worth it. Also I needed to know, does the mastercard you provide have an spend limit for single…
  • > @morga said: > Hi there @iMax While we cannot exactly advise you how to fill the business details questionnaire, we always suggest to fill it the way the most closely describes your line of business. It is fine if you do not have a website but please include any details or information you deem important for our payment…