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  • We appear to be going around in circles: precisely what I hoped to avoid by bring this matter to this forum, rather than to Customer Support. On the positive side, at least current and future cardholders can get a glimpse into how their exchange rat…
  • Hi Nissim, Still waiting for a reply to my post of a week ago. Thanks.
  • Hi Nissim, Ok. In spite of it being directly linked to the Mastercard Exchange rate, and being the best and most accurate tool that I am aware of, let's forget about the Freedom Currency Converter for now (http://bit.ly/JZWKfm). As you say, it is '…
  • Hi Nissim, Just wondering when I can expect a response. It is a week since my previous post. I know that I said to take as much time as needed, but some confirmation that you are working on it would be great. Thanks.
  • Hi Nissim, Amazingly fast response, and on a Sunday. Thanks. Pleased to hear that you agree that the online calculator is very good. (Quote) First, a small correction: The calculator that I linked to is official to the website on which it is pu…
  • (Quote) Hi, I use an online currency convertor (linked directly to the MasterCard® Daily Exchange). It is accurate to within 1 or 2 cents. With a simple calculation, it allows me to know what a Payoneer Mastercard ATM withdrawal will cost . . . …
  • Hi Nissim, I find the following online currency convertor (linked directly to the MasterCard® Daily Exchange) extremely useful: http://bit.ly/JZWKfm To use it for Payoneer Mastercard ATM withdrawals, I do the following: 1. fill in the amount that …
  • (Quote) Nissim, please let us know how to withdraw the full balance. Example: If kisses has US$100 on his card. How many Philippine Pesos can he withdraw at his local ATM? As I understand it, we need to know the applicable exchange rate before m…
  • Hi Nissim, Thanks for your very fast response. Apologies if I failed to make my original post as clear as possible. I did try. If I may quote from the Mastercard link included in my original post: "The displayed rates are derived from the bu…

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