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  • > @AliR86 said: > Could someone please list some ATM's in Karachi that work with the Payoneer card? All Standard Chartered banks Some Al Falah Banks Red Logo Branches (Abdulah Haroon Road, next to Jabees hotel works great) Best option to is withdraw to your bank account if balance exceeds $50. It will arrive within 2 hours.
  • SyedAsadAbrar, you can add your bank details again but make sure you are entering them correctly, especially the IBAN number. You can also withdraw via ATM. Standard Chartered bank (international atm) is the best one but there is a surcharge of 500 rupees. You can also try Bank Al Falah (red branches) they have a 250 rupee…
  • Is your bank account a personal account or a business account? > @webdeem said: > Hi, > > I've been a very old Payoneer user and getting money via ATM Withdrawal but now a days most of the ATM's are not working and charging more now. > > So i've decided to use local bank transfer and added my bank account in Payoneer last…
  • > @Engg_sher said: > Hello every one, > I have received my Payoneer MasterCard yesterday. The confusion is that below my name it is engraved that USD CURRENCY, I don't know should I activate it or not? > Any comments or help pleas. > Regards Whats the confusion? All cards are in USD by default unless you request additional…
  • ATM withdrawals are now quite expensive, always go for bank withdrawal. Any bank account is good, takes just few hours to have funds into your PK bank.
  • Guys, all over Pakistan, you can withdraw Payoneer payments via Bank Al Falah Red Branches. I just tried and it worked. I had tried a green branch and just lost money as it will only give you balance report and charge you $1 every time. There is no extra charge other than what payoneer charges you.
  • Could someone from Karachi advise which ATMs worked for them.
  • Could someone from Karachi advise which ATMs worked for them.
  • Could someone from Karachi advise which ATMs worked for them.