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thanks for reply but i dont think its technical problem coz my friend witdhrawing together he recieved his money but me reversed
  • same thing happens to me now, 2 times and i get withdraw reversed for same reason The withdrawal to your bank account could not be completed because
 of a technical problem. The money has been returned to your PayPal 
account. any help
again i got payment reversed same as past time , anyone too?
  • hi anyone recieved payment from paypal to payoneer after 21 february 2015? last time i recieved payment was 18 february 2015 after that i got my payment reversed for the first time anyone please
  • @tristanp yes the details i have in paypal are same that used in withdraw with no problems for years , but this time the withdraw reversed, i didnt changed the new bank details provided by payoneer and that was no problem for me also payoneer said no need to change anything now when i try to add that bank details paypal…
ok good luck i hope everything goes fine and accept this time, iam so worried
is your bank already confirmed and activated in payoneer? and marked as primary is your bank first century or bank of america? i still the old bank and not updated to bank of america when i tried to add new bank paypal says that i cant add new bank details now my account activated with bank account
  • now the weekend and bank not working till next week, thank you
thank you for updates, i dont know is that the problem or not but now only need to wait till next week and see if the payment will accepted by bank and go to payoneer card, i wish you good luck
  • where did you re activated the card? the last time was i able to transfer with no problem last month but this month i got reversed for the first time, that i dont think the problem with card
how is that happens? but the card of payoneer still not expired yet, where you updated your card? the problem with bank not card that what paypal said , you need to wait till next week to see if they reverse or accept when the bank in working days, thanks for details
they wont respond for this problem,
i think they will deduct later after 24 hrs or so they are thief professional, unfortunatly moneybookers is sueless no one support it nothing compare to paypal
i dont know i think they sent it to bank that depend on bank to transfer or reject i just found paypal deducted $8 now if reversed they keep deduct from balance, what a lost
  • i did withdraws yesterday but till now still pending , may i wait 3-4 days as they suggest to see if the payment will completed and accepted to payoneer
  • i withdraw again but the still pending there
  • yes still first century bank and not changed , payoneer too told me to not change anything, payoneer now says the problem not with them is from paypal paypal says the problem with the bank , i think paypal wont payoneer banks anymore they remove it one by one
  • yes same payoneer told me to contact paypal they are not aware of that problem
  • hi , yes im too was recieving money to paypal and withdraw it to my payoneer with no problems till now last time was in february and i got money in february 18 this month the withdraw reversed by us bank that provided by payoneer anyone too,
  • > @sohagbd said: > Now paypal also deleting USPS from old verified account . I was able to make withdrawal before 21 February 2015 but after that they delete my BOA USPS from my paypal.. so i think it is the end of paypal to payoneer yes that happens to my old verified my withdraw reversed for the first time that never…
  • i have the service payoeneer bank with paypal along time years, never got a problem but this is first time i got my reversed , after marked as completed, is paypal not acccepting to send money to payoneer or what happen here?
  • i think paypal not accepting new payoneer us payment service bank anymore
  • the same happens to me this is first time happened after years of working with no problems withdrawing from paypal to payoneer us payment service bank
  • me too same happens my withdraw got reversed what happens?