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  • It was in the US and I did it at my bank, they would only let you do it if you had an account at the bank, and it was the same fee like a cash withdrawal but they deposited the money in my bank account there and it took like 2 days.
  • It could be typo in the secure answer too, I think it needs to be put in exactly like you put it in the first time or it wont work.
  • When I transfer money in the usa using ACH the bank also tells me 3-5 business days. I think that is the standard for bank transfer in the usa, so I guess it would be the same with VBA.
  • I prefer the ATM also, I tried withdrawing money at a bank once and then putting it right in the bank acct but it took too long, like 3 days, so I prefer to just get the cash.
  • I also had to dispute a transaction and asked around back when I had to do it for details. I spoke to a few people and I think the 180 days is a maximum time, but I'm not sure. I know some people who had it finish before the 180 days. I think thats just the longest it can take in case there is a problem but I know that…
  • Im glad to see you are interested in hearing from us. I would most like to see a mobile app, or perhaps the option to add notification to our accounts. Something that send us an e-mail or text when our balance reaches a certain limit, when a load is ready, stuff like that.
  • I know you can dispute a charge if it was not made by you. Since payoneer has cards all over the world I guess that it doesnt matter where you made the charge, but maybe you should ask with customer support to make sure. I have used the card in my recent trip to europe without any problems, I think it will be OK if you use…
  • thanks for passing it on talia. I also think this would be very useful even if it was a paid app. I use my phone alot and it would be easier to always see my account info right on my phone.

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