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  • > @U2Workers said: > Good News, Our CEO, Muhammad Sabeeh Mohsin Khan is making serious efforts to solve this problem. He is continuously in connection with Aurangzaib Khan, Country Manager For Pakistan & Afghanistan. According to Aurangzaib Khan, Country Manager For Pakistan & Afghanistan, > > all branches of Bank Alfalah…
  • Why don't faysal & bank alfalah work?since both are linked with mastercard, tried both with different branches but card rejected.
  • This is because mcb decreased daily withdraw limit to 10k pkr,it really sucks now.
  • > @sharifawan said: > go here and make complaints > do you think sbp will take care of our complaints?the world is using IE 11 & there site says"This website is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7" useless bro sending them complaints
  • > @ShehroseShabbir said: > Withdrawed 10K using MCB too much fees on MCB now it sucks. > > it gave me an error on 20,000 PKR, But it works on 10,000 i dont know maybe my card got limit :\ your card dont have limit,same here, may be mcb did limit to master card, now only can withdraw 10k Pkr.
  • bank alfalah works also with payoneer card?
  • yes mcb decreased limit,can withdraw 10000pkr in 24 hours,payoneer works with faysal bank also?& what is daily limit on faisal bank by master card?only faysal bank other then mcb in my city.
  • Payoneer withdraw limit is decreased or what?on mcb it says you entered large amount then your limit,i entered 20000pkr which earlier went fine,after entering 10000pkr it gives same error,any body confirm this?