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  • Good day @KazPayoneer. I put in all info including card number and expiration day. But if it so you have put me on my ease. Thank you then!
  • Good day . I put the card data here [] ocasually. And now I recalled its not allowed to put cvv . Is my card compromised now? If yes what do you think must i do? This is the screen:
  • Да. Все ок. $6 система вернула. Спасибо за помощь.
  • Добрый день, Катерина. И что теперь мне за три карты платить что-ли? Maintance fee $3 х 3 = 9, стоИт три раза в истории транзакций за этот месяц. и за активацию еще $10, это тоже платеж какой-то для пионера? Спасибо.
  • Добрый день. Оооо, ну наконец-то получил с 3го раза. Они выслали с registered mail с номером Dhl. А после транзитного пункта выдался другой номер который можно отследить уже на сайте почты моей страны. Но все равно. Писалось с 25 декабря по 2е января, а фактически пришло 12го января. Вообще другой адресс писал.Адресс…
  • извините, *registered mail почтой но номер трековый через ДХЛ сайт можно отслеживать.
  • нет карты. Последний срок 2 января. Дхл. До этого 2 раза обычной почтой не получал. С мая. Я отсюда: пришел сюда. Узбекистан. На кого думать, на пионер, почту, Узб, русский мир или на что???
  • Добрый день, Емельянова_17. ну и как , вы потом получили карту пионер? Тооже такая ситуация . Несколько раз уже заказывал. Спасибо.
  • Yes, thank you , will do.
  • Yes, I know. Already did that yesterdy. And it is seond time I m claiming to the support.. First time nobody responded. It was at August or so. No answer. That s why Im here as well :/
  • I use payoneer cards since 2008 or probably later. Im in dificulty to say , perhaps this is 4th or 5th Payoneer Card. Yes , it was expired in August 2018. They were sent me a email notified about release of a new card and that they have sent me one. It was in June or May of current year.
  • Good Day, Community. I haven't recieved my card. It has been up to above 70 days. I am from Uzbekistan. Have used the Payoneer card during 10 years. I have also an open a ticket through contact us page on payoneer but there is no response along many days. Thank you.
  • The problem still isn't resolved. Now on other site I cannot verify my card. Help please.
  • Perhaps card holder should put some amount asked in case me wouldn't use trial?
  • Hello Will once again. You are talking about withdrawal. But I want to get that trial membership. And it asks to verify my card . But when I m trying to withdraw money,there is few cents presenting in my acc, it doesnt ask for card as there is payoneer ID presenting in a field of the withdrawal form. These are what I got…
  • Hello. I also encountered this problem. When I wanted to apply to free membership (trial) on I was asked to verify my Payment method, then I clicked ono debit card option. A popup rised saing about card number expiratin date, 3 digital security number. Looked ok. But after hitting ok it shows me this: Unable…
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