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  • PayPal and Payoneer are no longer working together-thats according to PayPal customer service. SO if you are not in the US, its time to start weighing your options.
  • PayPal is not allowing anyone who does not have a US address to withdraw using Payoneer. People outside of the USA can no longer transfer funds from PayPal to Payoneer.
  • Hi Nissim. Are you guys going to offer services similar to those offered by PayPal any time soon? You could easily attract more users from all over the world if you do. For example, PayPal allows payments from individuals as well as companies. The cost of transaction is also fair. It would be great if my clients would be…
  • My money was loaded into Payoneer guys...now I am more than confused.
  • PayPal told me they no longer work with Payoneer because Payoneer is a virtual bank. Seriously!?? and that's after I had waited five days for my money to be loaded into Payoneer. Anyone else experiencing this from outside USA?
  • I get paid through PayPal by individual clients not companies and I believe there are many of us who never use the Freelancer sites. We work directly with clients from all over the world.
  • I use First Century Bank yet my US payment details say Bank of America. Do we need to update our PayPal accounts with BOA. Where are the Payoneer representatives? Why are they not responding?
  • Could there have been a glitch of some kind? Both PayPal and Payoneer seem quiet about the whole issue. Why are we being hang out to dry yet we have been faithfully using these services and telling others to join Payoneer? Why when we need Payoneer the most are they rejecting us? Are they tired of us? Not even one…
  • The funny thing Mamara is that I contacted Payoneer and they told me that the problem was on PayPal's side. So I am stuck and confused.