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  • for the ones following this topic: the problem was solved on 30th of january after aprox. 60 days of waiting.
  • thanks talia. helpful as usual. i would like to say the same thing about your colleagues. I take upon myself the stupidity for trusting that 28 th will be the day when i'll get my answer and borrowed money from a friend. Now i'll have to apologize i…
  • i'm waiting for a response for 52 days. so no 2 business week here. plus you(support) told me i'll get an answer on 28th january when, surprise is saturday and you don't work on weekends.
  • ACTUALLY THEY DIDN'T SEE INITIALLY THAT 28 IS WEEKEND. They've just find out. Is this a Charitable organization people????????? i should be grateful you offer your services to me? Welcome to Payoneer! An online representative will be with you sh…
  • hmm. for those that hope their problem will be solved in a timely manner rest in peace, it won't! today, 27th of january, 52 days after that stupid ATM didn't released my money the problem is not solved. The guys form support told me that i'll have …
  • finally that transaction history list updated and i'll be able to file that complain. Thanks to all people who got involved in solving my problem even if they were not to blame for this( including you talia). Shame on those who made this happened af…
  • i see the funds myself but i don't see the transaction and i can't file the complain mention on my previous post. Clock is ticking and my chances to solve the problem quick are washed away. I'm not talking about 10$ or 100$ here. I'm taking about 10…

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