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  • with "U.S Service is a service allows you to RECEIVE ONLY" system i can get money in my payoneer card? can i use it in my current account?
  • i think sharing your id proofs will be a great help for the support to identify you. so you must prepare you identity proofs and did you vreify them properly when you open your account?
  • it would be great but the fees must be resoable.
  • ya i wanna integrate payment button in my website with payoneer.
  • Can you plz send me the update of this matter in PM? i m a regular payoneer partners worker now but don't know how many days i will work in future. but i have more option to get money from.
  • ya i contact them. unique ticket number: LTK529010415016X now i can access my account and i load 34$ in it. use immediate load coz i wanna c money in my account asap.
  • still i m getting Account Blocked! (#MA104) Please contact customer support problem.
  • i will check it now. i m not like that guy. i have no prob to pay 10$. without my odesk work i earned 100$ per month on online. so i know this type of fees very well. alertpay always cut a high fee for money transfer and i have no prob with it.
  • same problem here dude. i need money asap. so i can't wait one more month. but i will if i can get into my account. but i can't do that too. u explain it simple and easy. i don't have any prob to give that extra 10$. all i need to active my account.…
  • i withdraw my 1st payment and that is 34$. my card is valid till 02/14. but you are now telling me that i don't have any active card. and when i m trying to access my account i m getting this message: Account Blocked! (#MA104) Please contact custome…

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