Why the staff of payoneer like this?<br /> could someone helped me ??<br /> <br /> after he get my security question he disconnected without any reason. thats why im talking the support is this really a support?


  • @Nissim Could you please help me . my card was blocked and i contact your CS to fix, but after i send my security reason your CS told me that i need to use another payment method, and then he disconnected without any valid reason. my email is : rs09121523 @ gmail . com i hope you could help me.
  • before i tell them , the agent who assist me asking for security reason . and i answer him what he needed from me, then after the last question he disconnected the chat.
  • Nathan: Hello and welcome to Payoneer customer care! My name is Nathan and I would be happy to assist you! Please bear with me for a few moments while I pull up your information from our system. I will be right with you. Ronabelle Sabino: hello Nathan: Hello, how are you? Nathan: How may I help you? Ronabelle Sabino: im…
  • yes ive been contacting them till now no answered yet. i want to know if there is possibility to fix this,
  • were same problem here. it blocked suddenly my card without any reason and they emailed me that MY account closed for undisclosed reason but i have to get my account back. i hope somebody could help us