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  • I have received an email from payoneer that they have shipped EMV Card for me, Is anyone using these cards already? I had seen some posts in past that chip cards are not working properly on atm's. Can anyone please share his experience so that i can be sure before activating new card. Thanks in advance!
I normally use the Bank Al-Falah EME Branch which is located at canal road near muhafiz town. The other one which i found working was near Jinah Hospital at Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Hardly 200m from traffic signal. If you find any other working atm in Lahore, Pls share the address. I know there will be many :smile: 
The Atm Machine of Bank Al-Falah Near Jinah Hospital works fine, The other working one i found was near EME Housing Society, Canal Road. Good Luck :)
  • Brother use Bank Al-Falah, Some of their Atm Machines are working fine with payoneer. So you just need to spot a Good Bank Al-Falah Atm machine near you.
Yes Samba is not working since July 28. I am also facing same issue in Lahore.
One of my reversed transaction at Bank Al-Falah was not posted back into my account and i had to file a complaint for that. Payoneer has told me to wait for 90 days for the balance to appear in my account. So Its very risky if the ATM Machine at Bank Al-Falah keep doing it regularly.
I have checked 4 Samba ATM machines in Lahore Today, All of those were not working. It might be working in some other city but its not working in Lahore right now. I posted a screenshot in my previous post which i took today.
  • I have checked 4 Samba ATM Machines in Lahore today and its giving error, I think its not working since july 28. So far i have checked about 7 Bank Al-falah ATM's and only two of those were working, Other 5 given me a balance receipt although i had selected the cash withdrawal. so i have wasted my $1 on each of those. I…
  • I received following error on samba yesterday, "This ATM does not supports International Banking transactions", So i think they have stopped working with payoneer cards, which is a very sad point. it would be good if we request payoneer for bank withdrawals in Pakistan. If Al-Falah stopped working then it will be all over…
  • I tried my luck at two Bank Al-Falah ATM's, It gave transaction declined error on one atm and it worked on the 2nd, Luckily the the one which works is near my house so i will not have to travel 10km to reach the nearest samba bank atm. The rate is good like samba, I have done 7 transactions of PKR 20000 and $205.49 was…
  • Kia aaj kisi ne withdraw kia hai? jaisay aaj rate bar bar change ho raha hai kia us time k hisab se rate apply ho ga ya har day ka ake set rate hota hai?
  • Yes RS 200 is fee by local bank, MCB & SCB Both charge this fee now. Samba Bank does not charge this fee at present.
  • Payoneer Atm transaction fee + 3% Currency Exchange rate by MasterCard will be also included in these charges, So i think its normal. avoid such small transactions as much as possible. as it results in lower rates.
  • withdrawn some money Today, RS 20000 = $198.40 , usd to pkr was 105.50 at that moment. BTW My atm withdrawal fee is $2.15, not $3.15
  • Its just because SCB Charges you RS200 extra for using their atm :P Use Samba Bank
  • Yahan in se in ka online system hi theek terha nahi chalta to yeh log international cards kaisay support karein ge, UBL, Habib bank jaisay banks me to main jeb bhi online deposit karane gya to in ka online down hota hai :P Mcb me fee hai magar ake saholat hai keh is ki branches buht hain aur takreeben is ki mostly atm…
  • i not tried that, I think some MCB ATM have the 25000 limit but they also charge RS 200, I now withdraw from Samba, They also have 20000 limit but its good to see that i don't have to pay Extra RS 200. Making 2 or 3 Transactions at a time means we loose 600 in a moment, so i am happy with spending few extra minutes to…
  • RS 20000 = $194.89 , withdrawn from Samba bank atm in lahore few days ago.
  • SCB has started charging Extra RS 200 per transaction, So i was looking to find some other bank to avoid it, MCB was charging RS 200 from few months. I found Samba Bank, it worked very well without any extra charges. Just though it may help someone. i have visited their 2 atm's, both worked well. though atm does not allow…