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  • Great news! I’m pleasantly surprised by the fast pace things moved forward. Many of us maybe overacted but we trusted Payoneer with all of our savings, I won’t empty my balance tomorrow to show support and trust in Payoneer.
  • Just look on the back of the card, if it is issued by Wirecard the funds are frozen.
  • > @Leonid_Payoneer said: > (Quote) > We are very sorry for the hardship you are facing. > > As a customer-oriented company, we take it very seriously and it's in our best interest to get this situation sorted as soon as possible and continue providing our services. > The payments vertical in which Payoneer operates is…
  • Check this thread:
  • The cards stopped working :disappointed: :
  • > @Leonid_Payoneer said: > We completely understand the concerns raised in this thread. > We've prepared this blog post to explain the situation better and answer how Payoneer is making sure that our clients' funds are secure. Thanks for the update, appreciate it!
  • Someone from Payoneer staff can answer that. I hope they have alternatives.
  • Here you can read more on UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011 in the case of insolvency:
  • Hello, I just saw the news and I am asking the same, Is our money in jeopardy here? Any statement from Payoneer regarding the current situation is appreciated.
  • Yes, its back to normal.
  • > @Nasir Khan said: > I have also contacted skrill support about delay in us payment withdrawal on 12 Feb 2015. Today received their reply after 10 days. Following is email from skrill, which I received few minutes before. When due to technical problem they cancelled my last us payment transaction then on same day I…
  • Hello, I have the same problem with skrill and this is the response i got: " We would like to kindly inform you that we are experiencing a temporary technical issue with our banking partner processing withdrawals to American bank accounts. We are working hard on finding a resolution with this situation and apologize for…