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  • Dear Support, I do like the service of Payoneer , its great... I have received the 3 payments from your good partner. May i know: 1. how long the process to take to complete the application? I have a pending ACH payment needed to be transferred , Anyway to fasten the process? 2. is it able to get the VBA balance transfer…
  • Hey talia, I am amaze your reply speed !! Wondering if my working company have a CS like you will be better than ever I am more now clear with whats the lbt for ... Thanks Regards, Spider
    in Lbt Comment by spiderman December 2011
  • yeah .. i think google should put the domain to white list na..
  • Dear Talia, Thanks for your emailing. Yup , thanks , all the payoneer email goes to the spam folder .. ah .. thats why . thanks. Regards, spider
  • Dear Talia, Thanks for your response I really didnt receive any notice. I did the submission twice already i think. Anyway here is my details: 1. email: [email protected] 2. payoneer ID: inferno1121 3. I have 3 deposit from odesk already. By the way 2 questions: 1. I having an ACH payment around 15th , is it possible to…
  • Dear Talia, How can i know if i submit my ticket successfully ? i did not receive any email that a case has been created... etc. Can you help me to check if my application is already processing? thank you spider
  • Hi Talia, Thank you for your swift reply. Is that i just send in from contact us page , that means i already sent an application?? I have send in from the contact us page, but still no any response from that. Just wondering. Thanks, Spider