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  • I use my card to buy stuff online and get cash all the time, it works pretty much like any other mastercard. I also get pmts from paypal with it, but you need to ask for a virtual acct for the to work. You can email them to ask for it, or just send a message to one of the admins on the forum here (or hopefully they see…
  • hmm....mine took maybe a week I think? For sure not 30 days. Also the email I got with about the VA change told me to go to the account for the new info, I think I got it at the end of december. Hope it works out for you....paypal can be a pain sometimes.
  • It took some time but eventually it came back (I don't remember exactly how long it was). I did contact paypal but they werent really helpful. It took a little bit of arguing to get them to consider cancelling it, because they said it was my fault, and by the time they got back to me the payment was already sent back. You…
  • I sent a paypal transfer to an old bank account once and it also showed completed, but then it eventually was sent back to paypal by the bank when the account was not valid. Hopefully it will be the same for you.
  • When I get my card loaded from the website I see that in the beginning, usually it gets approved in a few hours and then it shows me the load date.
  • I think I saw somewhere in one of the posts that mastercard has an online tool for that, you can try to google it. In general if I ever need to make a non usd charge I just go by the official rates and leave a couple dollars difference to make sure, the rates mastercard uses are usually based on the official ones, or very…
  • Paypal can be annoying sometimes, I've had a lot of trouble with them in the past. If you argue with them and provide all the paperwork they ask for they will sometimes fix the problem though, but it can be annoying. Good luck
  • I find it easier to just use the atm, the bank usually charges for cash advances anyway so I don't save any money by going to the teller. Sometimes the bank lets you take cash advances for free but only if you use their card, so I just always go to the atm.
  • Really good posts so far. I would maybe add an estimated currency conversion tool on my account, that uses mastercard numbers and updates all the time. Even if it isn't exact, just something I can use to get an idea while in my account so that I know how much I can spend in other currencies, because I make a lot of…
  • I saw in a post on another forum this link to find mastercard atms around the world
  • I have this setup as well and thats how it worked for me. Its a really easy process.

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