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  • Just in case somebody gets the same problem - I'd like to save their time: When you enter new payoneer password (when changing it or restoring it) and your new password occassionally contains '<' character (maybe true for '>') as well, the system doesn't handle it the proper way. Instead of showing error "The password you…
  • David - I have oDesk Payoneer card and I do not see the "Transfer to Another Card" menu item under Tools menu. Does it mean oDesk cardholders can not use this feature or is it something wrong with my account? Thank you very much
  • David, I contacted on Tuesday, I've posted my ticket numbers here - received no response so far. What time is it better to try to catch live chat online? Thank you
  • That's allright, I have earnings sitting in my oDesk account. Can you please at least reactivate my payoneer account - so I can login make sure odesk account is associated etc before withdrawing from oDesk? Or shall I request withdrawal to payoneer account I can't log into? Thank you
  • Still no response
  • Any chance my account will be unlocked before Christmas so I can make necessary changes? Still got no response to the tickets Thank you
  • Thank you David! In case it will be new card - my postal address changed, so I would like to be able to update it before you send it to me (I guess I would but I feel like I'm pain in the ass and trying to minimize that feeling). Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
  • First was [LTK529011393054X], then I panicked and posted [LTK529011393269X]. Yes, I know that's not good to post multiple support tickets on the same matter, but I was not sure that automatic response is all I would get or not, so I tried 2nd time. Thank you David
  • David, thank you for your response. It's not urgent (I can wait 2 days) - but I received automatic response (What to do if my account is locked? - Multiple login attempts with invalid information will cause your account to be locked for 30 minutes, after which the account will be automatically unlocked) and I'm not sure if…

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