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  • Hi there, Just one comment - I sent the dispute form at 08/08, but you started processing at 08/22. Is it merchant bank issue as well or it is your issue? I think someone there should be fired definitely just make other people understand that you should work not like a bot, or old software. During the last 5-6 month I…
  • Hi There, Is there more or less competent guy? I just need to understand if you can provide a service? Otherwise just say sorry we can not. Nissim is not the correct guy for this position. I will appreciate if other guy will contact me. Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi Nissim, Any bot can provide the answer you provided. It is one month and no update how this could be? Are you working or looking around? I understand you are not serious, but you at least should think about your reputation. Or may be you don't care about what we think about you. You just want money from us? It is…
  • Hi there, Any news regarding charge-back? Or you are still waiting for something? Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi there, During the last 4 month I could use my Payoneer card about 10 days. Are you providing a good service, what do you think? Or I can ask another way are you providing any service? I think one of your departments heads should be fired, just to make other guys to move. Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi Nissim, Sorry to hear that you can not fix the issue appearing with card provided by your bank. So what are you suggesting now is "Close your account in our bank and move to competitors". My requirement as a customer is this: "FIX THIS ISSUE". I don't want to see -2500 in my balance. If you can not just tell me, sorry…
  • Hi Nissim, Again the same issue. My card again double charged. So it is not fixed. Seems each time when I take money from POS terminal it is charging twice. Actually if the amount exceeds some limit this issue appears. I even do not know if there is any reason to tell you this:) Thanks, Gevorg.
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  • Arthur jan, ArCa-in namana:) Bayc es depqum cavoq sranc matn el a xary. Asem inchi. Arajin im balansy bacsakan cher karox darnal - dardzel er. Erkrord poxery indz mot heta nstel, iranq texyak chen. Aysinqn irenc mot inch vor mechanizm sxala ashxatum. Vor ArCa-n mi ban nenc chi anum saxs el gitenq, bayc de ete sranq el amen…
  • Barev, Hnaravor e. Bayc amenayn havanakanutyamb es payoneer-i xndirn e. U erku votqy mi koshiki mej en drel asum en mery chi. Vortev ahavor sxalner unen systemayum, henc xostovanen saxin gorcic hanelu en. Es pahin arnvazn 2 mec bug gitem irenc systemum, vor chen el patrastvum veracnel. Incheve masteric indz kpatasxanen…
  • Hi I took money not from the ATM, but from POS terminal in HSBC bank. I am in contact with HSBC and they have not received any dispute etc. So I am waiting the MasterCard response so I will let you know if any news. Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi Guys, I went deep into this issue. And seems the problem was in payoneer side. Anyway their support can work better. It took 2 month to return money back. I haven't receive any info or update from their side and of course no explanation, what happened. I have contacted with MasterCard guys. They promised to investigate…
  • Hi No update yet. Very nice support. Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi Need more months, for update? Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Any updates? Or again "working" on dispute? Need another month or may be year?
  • So in that case who the next end of dispute? I talked with HSBC they have not received any dispute request from your bank. It is about 1 month. How this could be? They even sent an e-mail to you but no response.
  • And one more thing. They should dispute the transaction I accepted. Not the one they want or think would be good.
  • Hi David, It is very strange explanation. Why do not they dispute the "Cash Disbursement International"? Is this a secret? Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi David, So if you will look at pre-authorized transaction. You can see that you are processing "Chargeback-Manual PIN Based Cash Withdrawal International" request. I am copy pasting the details from my web report on The following is the Pre-Authorized request appeared due to dispute process. Date:…
  • Hi Nissim, Actually I am very disappointed with your bank, your bank is disputing the transaction that I did not initiated. What is this? I am starting to think that this is not the technical issue, but you think that you can do what you want with our money. Do not waste my time. If you can not send a response to simple…
  • Hi Nissim, I asked very simple question, and your answer is very unclear. Please be more specific. If you are not the right person, please give me the contact of more competent person. So I am asking one more time, when exactly will you send the response to HSBC bank? Is question clear? Why did you send me the previous…
  • Hi Nissim, Thank you for update. But could you please give me the exact date when you will send the response? How long can take checking of simple transaction information? I think it should take hours, but not weeks or months. Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi Nissim, Could you please let me know, when the HSBC e-mail will be answered? Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Hi Nissim, I have forwarded the e-mail, could you please take a look at it? Thanks, Gevorg.
  • Dear Hayk, I think the Payoneer does not want to solve this issue. Even more. I think that they should pay some compensation for this situation - wasted time and money. They even did not want to call back and their service is very bad, so I expect to receive back at least money wasted on international calls. So I am…
  • Hi Nissim, Could you please let me know when the issue will be solved? And why doesn't your bank answer to e-mails sent by HSBC? Is this a normal situation for your bank? I copy pasted the e-mail here so please check what is going on inside the bank. The following is the message sent by HSBC at 30/05/2012 18:08. Hello…
  • Hi Nissim, The merchant bank is HSBC and I am a client of this bank already 12 years. I trust this bank because of positive experience I have with this bank. Actually I performed many transactions with this bank, and this is the first issue. So how is this possible that HSBC bank has problem with ATMs and nobody knows? So…