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Electronic Insurrection:<br /> <br /> After the great industrial insurrection of 18th century another insurrection has transpire in the industrial and commercial animation of the world in 20th century namely Electronic Insurrection. It has upgrade the Information Technology and conveyance of information beyond supposable boundary.<br /> <br /> Various Electronic introduction:<br /> <br /> A big number of electronic introduction have been produce mostly by Japan USA and UK Electronic Communication scientists. These electronic devices consist of Radio transistors, Television, Audio cassettes Videos, Video discs, Newspaper, Magazines, Cyclops Videos, and Teli dons. All these are electronic introduction which have big telecommunication significance.<br /> <br /> Upgrading of Bio Technologies: <br /> <br /> As a result of additional upgrading t of electronic technology it has make the use of silicon chips in electronic devices. The laser fiber optics and the concomitant technologies are known Bio Technologies.<br /> <br /> Introduce the Electronic Technology in Undeveloped Countries:<br /> <br /> The time has grown into ripe sufficient to increase use of electronic communication technology to all the developing countries in cooperate with great business and commercial organization so that a universal and accomplished program can be mark out and the latest and worldly devices of communication technology may become famous in all kinds of the world. It is time that the government of all underdeveloped countries should upright to the obtain low expense conveyance as well as to produce its accurate and quick use to expend learning of people specially the rural population so that these agricultural also come forward and keep pace along with the quickly modern countries of west.<br /> <br /> Significant of Radio and T.V:<br /> <br /> At current the Latin American countries and the Asian and African countries scrutinize Radio and TV and some Video devices as the larger feature of mass media. The people of these countries should be stimulate to acquire a knowledge and use the latest new and experienced electronic devices of computer, internet. These forward electronic devices should be utilized to transmit development programs and also their realization should be availed by same masses of people.


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