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    How many times have I sent 2 different IDs. My account is still not approved. Money will be sent, GETTRANSFER will pay money but unfortunately, my payooner account was not approved because they could not send money ... !!!!!! I've sent mail many times and still has not returned me and my account is still not approved. shame on you!
    August 24
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    August 22
  • khurrampakistan

    I send money from fiverr to payoneer 17 August
    And today till My payoneer account show pending

    August 22
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    August 21
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    August 19
  • Zohaibislam1993

    Please verify my account as it has been more than a week since I registered and received payment but it is still in pending status

    August 19
  • abdouav01

    It's been more than 17 days now and my account is still pending approval. My account reads "Your USD Balance is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update within the next several business days."
    My ID 33030959
    pls help?

    August 18
  • Jamie1

    Please I need help with my card, it's been blocked for quite some time now, and I have also applied for reactivation but up till now no reply, no response and it's stated in my request section that it has been received. Please help.

    August 15
  • kinqbalin

    please approve my money, going to 2 weeks, very bad and worst.

    August 12
  • sohelreza


    August 6
  • oahmed

    I need change the bank to bank federal savings bank

    July 31
  • alimamsy

    Please check 190729-015540

    July 30
  • Deosir

    Hi Morga, I have a question. Unfortunately, my beneficiary account number is my card number not my bank account number. Will I get my money back to my payoneer balance? Thx

    July 12
  • tnzlyka

    Morga can you help me with my problem, I cant access the website. Every time I try to login it freezes and stop loading. I tried different server/network but still no differences, it says, ( is not responding

    July 12
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    July 9
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    July 8
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    July 4

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