Upwork<br /> <br /> With more than 240,000 contractors residing outside the United States, Upwork faced the challenge of paying the many thousands living in locations with unreliable banking networks and a lack of wire transfer capabilities. It needed to find a means of providing its contractors with immediate access to cash in hand. The company sought a fast, secure and cost-effective solution that would allow it to make automated global payments.<br /> <br /> Read More >><br /> Elance<br /> <br /> Elance has more than 100,000 service providers with more than 40% based outside of the U.S. Accessing funds internationally presents unique challenges such as high wire transfer fees, delayed processing, and lengthy bank hold times on paper checks. A new low-cost method for accessing earned funds was critical to reducing the cost of doing business through Elance.<br /> <br /> Read More >><br /> NetTranslators<br /> <br /> Prior to its partnership with Payoneer, Net-Translators paid its hundreds of global translators primarily through PayPal and traditional wire transfers, each of which posed unique challenges and limitations. Wire transfers, which had to be processed individually, were tremendously labor intensive and resulted in high costs for both Net-Translators and their translators. PayPal did not fully address Net-Translators' payout needs, as many of their translators cannot or prefer not to have PayPal accounts due to the high fees involved in receiving large payments.<br /> <br /> Read More >><br /> Dreamstime<br /> <br /> dreamstime is an international company with complex, worldwide, communication requirements. With more than 100,000 photographers residing outside the United States, Dreamstime faced some daunting challenges when delivering payments to professionals living in locations with unreliable banking networks, a lack of wire transfer capabilities, or support for cash withdrawals from eWallets. The company sought a fast, secure and cost-effective solution to provide photographers with immediate access to funds via an automated global payments infrastructure.


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