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hello i'm new here this is my first day i need help well few days ago i had problem with facebook they cut some money from my account i reported it to payoneer on facebook page and after 1 day before reply of payoneer i got my money back from facebook and then after a day i got reply from payoneer on facebook <br /> <br /> We can see that your account was closed with us for being under the age of 18 and that no funds have ever been transferred to your Payoneer account. Please note that you will need to contact Fiverr and/or Facebook in order to resolve your issue with your charged funds as they were not done with a prepaid card associated to your closed account.<br /> <br /> i mean how is this possible even my passport already submitted and i'm using this account for one year and i'm not under 18 and now im not sure about my account its working or not cuz i dont know how to check and i have some days to get payment


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