I am an Indian individual, selling online courses on Udemy, a USA based online learning company. As of now, I receive my monthly earnings from Udemy (in Dollars) to my Payoneer account. The Payoneer only charges 2% as conversion fee ($ to INR) and send the money to my local bank account in INR. <br /> <br /> My question is:-<br /> <br /> 1) Do I need to receive the fund from Payoneer to the Current account or Savings account will work?<br /> <br /> 2) Whether the income earned from Abroad (USA - Udemy) is taxable in India?<br /> <br /> 3) Whatever money I receive in my Indian Bank account, Do I need to pay tax on it to the Indian Government?<br /> <br /> 4) I am just an Individual person and working alone from home, then whether it is considered as a business or a freelancing work?<br /> <br /> Please answer question wise, one by one.<br /> <br /> Thanks & Regards


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