US Payment Service has not yet been verified

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Me llegó el siguiente mail:


Your ticket code is LTK1215303373494X. Please use this code in any further communication.

We see that you have a pending payment, however your US Payment Service has not yet been verified. We would like to assist you in verifying the service so that the pending payment can be completed and funded to your card.

In order to verify your US Payment Service, please provide us with a full screenshot of your PayPal account profile and your PayPal incoming payments history page.

In addition, please provide us with a screenshot of your account profile showing your name and your <<sales history / payment history >> page.




Envie lo que me pedian haciendo la salvedad de que los cobros mediante paypal iban a realizarse a futuro, supuse que esto ya estaba habilitado desde el momento que pude realizar algunas transferencias, me gustaria saber como agilizar el proceso.


Desde ya gracias.