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  • imamfajar675
    Hi Gianmarco!
    so i got notification "This is to inform you that due to inactivity, and for the security of your account, your card ending in xxxx-xxxx has been deactivated.

    This security measure helps prevent fraudulent usage of your card.

    To reactivate your card and resume activity, please select the card ending in xxxx-xxxx at the top of the page and press on the link provided below it. No fees are involved in reactivating the card.

    Our customer support staff is available to you as always."

    i did as the instruction says, and it said only to take 2 hours to activate, but until now (3 hours) the card still not activate, the card moved to the past card.
    febrero 8
  • layckornn

    Hi gianmarco,

    This is my first time of making a withdrawal into my local bank account, a friend told me he always get credited not more than 48hrs.

    I made the withdrawal on Monday, My payment request was approved and completed on same day, and I received an email, that my fund will arrive the next working day (Teusday). Am so worried that the transaction have been completed and have not seen the funds.

    It's been three days now, I have'nt see anything, please what's happening?

    Is it normal?

    I have more funds to withdraw, but am not sure I'll get that anytime soon.

    I need help 🙏🙏

    And what's the best time to make withdrawal?

    febrero 5
  • elsadawy
    good day
    dear gianmarco
    you said my account already closed
    but it still working

    my account id : 35666373
    my email address : [email protected]
    i send to support center but no one answer for me my account still working
    200107-021742 ticket support center
    enero 13
  • rafaelKilumile

    Hi! My name is Rafael from Tanzania, I have a question about pending money on my payoneer account.
    I waited for a long time my money (sent from popads) to appear into my account but still pending until now and I think tomorrow and day after tomorrow will be the same, so let's make this clear when will my money be approved and appear on my account dashboard. I'm just also imagine if approval for my money takes do long like this, I think withdrawing to my bank account will take a whole month.
    Please help me to approve my money so as I can withdraw them.

    Customer ID: 35734735

    Thank you.

    enero 13
  • resse

    hi im new to payoneer im from the philippines. i dont know why cant i withdraw mobey to my bank accountvit says wrong bank code but it doesnt ask for a bankcode upon putting up my bank detils. then i cnat even send payoneer to payoneer here in the philippines i need help i need ly money

    enero 13
  • Camil5

    Please I can't link my PayPal account with my USD Payoneer account

    Thank you

    diciembre 2019
  • Camil5

    Please what is the 17 digit number for my USD account?
    My USD account number is 13 digit number
    Please where can I find the other 4 digit number?
    Thank you

    diciembre 2019
  • GianmarcoPayoneer earned the 25 Answers badge.
    Looks like you’re starting to make a name for yourself as someone who knows the score!
    diciembre 2019
  • kazialom
    Please help me with the question. I received a payment 5 hours ago, when I check on my account, it has not reflected. It indicates pending, under review!
    How long does a payment remain under review
    diciembre 2019
  • medoive

    I contacted support many days ago without response. The transfer is now 5 days.

    Number of transfer (transferwise):


    Support are not answering. Please advise.

    diciembre 2019

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