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  • Tariq_Aqeel
    I face problem regarding varifaction code, I try to signup and register my self but did not received varifaction code on me phone number. kindly solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance
    5 de enero
  • laurazarraga
    Buenas tardes. Quiero saber si para solicitar la tarjeta payoneer puedo tener afiliada una cuenta EN MONEDA EXTRANJERA DEL BANCO PROVINCIAL acá en venezuela.
    diciembre 2020
  • NidishAbhaya7089

    Hello Sir
    I need another US bank account to be issued in my name. It can be another First Century bank account or Community Federal Savings Bank.I need it to link it with PayPal. Actually I tried to create US PayPal account and added my current first century bank details but I failed when they asked for US ID verification. Now I tried to close that paypal account but I was refused because my verification was pending. I did all this cuz paypal isn't available in my country.
    I hope Sir will look at this matter and provide me with another US bank receiving ****account.

    Thank you.

    diciembre 2020
  • Muhammad6666

    Please issue me a New community federal saving bank account in USD?
    I am trying to account my PayPal account to payoneer account but it giving me error..! When I connected to PayPal they ask for the issuance of New community federal saving bank, so please issue me ASAP

    My customer ID is 41268786

    diciembre 2020
  • HammadAhmed98

    Hello Payoneer Community! I am a fiverr freelancer. I created my payoneer account about a month ago. And a few days later I linked it to my fiverr acount. I did not see my email. Payoneer asked for some document verification which i came to know about later on when i withdrew the money from fiverr to payoneer. The transaction status is pending. I submitted the required docs in verification center. It's been two days and the documents are still under review. How long does it usually take and if someone can help me speed this up I'll be thankful.

    diciembre 2020

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