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  • mentesnot
    I have submitted every necessary document i am waiting the approval for about 10 days I haven't received any emails what can I do to know the status of my application. Please advise. Thanks in advance customer ID: 39737359
    17 de septiembre
  • Markie

    How to request for a Community Federal Savings Bank Account in order to link my payoneer account to paypal. I want to receive my payments.

    17 de septiembre
  • umersyed1307
    I have submitted all the verification document on 3rd September 2020 but still my account not get verified.
    My payment got stuck and I have submitted multiple tickets regarding this matter but haven't hear anything so far from your end.
    15 de septiembre
  • chevy_83

    Hi Gianmarco. Please follow up Payment ID 217784508. It's been 10days and still pending. Thanks

    15 de septiembre
  • lwy0807
    Hi, I have submitted ticket to apply for a community federal savings bank account because I need need to link it with PayPal for receiving payment, as the First Century Bank account doesn't work.
    I have my credit card linked and verified with PayPal. Could you kindly help on it? Thanks
    my payoneer id: 36085911
    ticket ref: 200915-002716
    15 de septiembre
  • ChrisDore
    I've got my economic stimulus payment in my account in USA and need it transfered to Barcelona. What can I do?

    Thanks for your time and attention.
    Best regards,
    Customer #39553313
    11 de septiembre
  • mackstreet
    Hi, I need a Community Federal Savings Bank account so I can link my Paypal account to my Payoneer account. I have opened two tickets in over two weeks and I've gotten no response. I have a card linked to my Paypal account and it has been verified. This is getting a bit frustrating and I really need to transfer my money. Can you please help me? Thanks.

    Customer ID: 38566296
    Ticket#: 200905-010392
    9 de septiembre
  • habibjion69

    Hi, I need help, it says that your account access appears to be restricted, how to solve this problem please, it's urgent.
    Full name: MD HABIBUR RAHMAN
    Date of birth: July 10 1997
    Your Customer ID is 39785735

    7 de septiembre
  • Bhavyaarjun
    Hi. I don't have the "Global Payment Service" option under receive in my account. My Customer ID is 39335063. I need to apply for the Global Payment Service, I am ready to do the needful.
    Please look into these matters.
    7 de septiembre
  • Chaubunhtha

    Tôi có thể nhận được thanh toán từ đối tác tôi không

    5 de septiembre
  • sanaesendabad
    hello there,
    I want to cancel my account but I still have some money there that I cannot withdraw nor purchase online using it before activating the card. I have ordered the card on 16 mars and didnt receive it, and I have asked for another one on 13 august and the request is not even approved yet, I honestly just wanna get my money and cancel my account for good, PLS HELP ME
    5 de septiembre
  • Talib29727565
    Hi @GianmarcoPayoneer
    Actually I have a serious issue with my payments. About 1 year ago on 30/1/2019, I withdraw payment from the Fiverr to Payoneer. Now, one year is passed but my transaction is still pending. Kindly look at my Account and tell me why my transaction is still pending?. I have mailed you so many times but no one responds to me. My Live chat and Call options are also not available in the support center. Kindly help me! I Shall be very thankful to you for this favor.
    Here are the payment details:
    Customer ID: 29727565
    Payment from. Fiverr
    Amount. 56$
    Fiverr ID. arslan04-43340845
    Transaction ID. 112387074
    Status. Pending
    3 de septiembre
  • kanah95

    Good evening,
    I need a Community Federal Savings Bank or Bank of America account so that I can link with my PayPal account as the First Century Bank account failed to work, I have linked credit card to my PayPal but I want to add a bank account for business purpose and to continue withdrawing from PayPal with bank when card expires. Thanks.
    Customer ID: 29399889
    Reference ID: 200824-017452

    31 de agosto
  • Amadoumaha
    I need your help plz,
    I'm not able to use my account Payoneer on Paypal, I need my account to be in Community Federal Savings Bank instead of First Century Bank.
    I have a visa linked to my paypal and no problem on it.
    Request number: 200827-027538
    ID Client 39644602

    30 de agosto
  • Amadoumaha
    I need your help plz,
    I'm not able to use my account Payoneer on Paypal, I need my account to be in Community Federal Savings Bank instead of First Century Bank.
    I have a visa linked to my paypal and no problem on it.

    30 de agosto
  • mahabubalam1
    I created an account 1week ago, and want to know what's the status of my account, was it reviewed ? was it approved? Can i use this account for receive money or not ?

    Customer ID is 39576868.
    28 de agosto
  • laaribi
    yes i have a card with sufficient funds linked and verified on my PayPal account
    27 de agosto
  • laaribi
    , Hello Payoneer Team

    I have an amount of money at my PayPal account and I’d like to transfer it to my US bank account provided by Payoneer but unfortunately PayPal didn’t accept my bank account.

    So I’d like to change my USD bank account details to Community Fedral Saving Bank.

    Appreciate your help!

    27 de agosto
  • arunamerch
    My Customer ID: 39497869 and my bank account is still not approved. I am not getting any action items and uploaded all the documents properly. Please let me know that is the issue. Also, I can't see the Global Payment Service option. It is more than 1 week and issues not yet resolved
    24 de agosto
  • mohsinjahan

    Hello Payoneer,
    I attached my payoneer account to udemy for receiving payment from Udemy com and it was approved BUT after 4,5 months i checked my payoneer account and it had no money receive while udemy is showing of payment every month.

    İ contacted udemy, they sent my "payment confirmation id by payoneer" and said payoneer has been confirming payment. BUT still my account has no received money by udemy.

    i want to know where is my money going?
    i also want to change my payoneer account to be connected with udemy (bcuz i have changed the country, so made a new payoneer account).

    Can i get help here? please

    Customer ID is 29526193.

    22 de agosto
  • rag
    i want to close my account because couple of important information was written wrong .
    Customer ID: 39264249
    Although it didn’t get approved yet.
    and i tried to make a new one with the correct information but it told me that i already have one but i don’t.
    21 de agosto
  • dick123
    my Customer ID 38779645, i haven’t Global Payment Service
    I have registered and attached my identity card for verification on 07 August 2020 but my application is not approved yet.I have mailed for support center but only non helping auto mails are coming.can some one help me here please?
    20 de agosto
  • miketaughtyou

    reference number for this inquiry: #200816-012468
    Customer ID - 28574070

    Pictures attached

    I'm requesting a Community Federal savings account
    I need help please
    Thanks in advance

    16 de agosto
  • TalhaSaqib

    Hi, I am Talha.

    I have already provided the required information!

    Please check!

    14 de agosto
  • evrims
    Good day again! dear admin I m not asking you ıf I can use your services or not. I m asking where is my 4800€ money. I get my payment on 30th of July and I made the transfer. my account was restricted 4th or 5th August.My money was in WIREDCARD account in Germany and I sent it to my own local account. Now money didnt recieved not in WIRECARD account also! So stiling my money ? Or they dont tell me how can I get it. Am I right ?
    14 de agosto
  • tsepal
    @GianmarcoPayoneer Greetings Sir! My local bank account is approved by but my global payment service is not enabled. Please let me know how to get through this. Customer ID 39298793.
    Thank you...
    12 de agosto
  • samtollex11

    I received two payments from my PayPal to my payoneer account, one entered while the other been in Upcoming transaction. It's almost 4 hours now. I read it's only for two hours that this can happen, and even this long have never happened to me before. What may be causing the delay. My email is [email protected]
    Pls help

    10 de agosto
  • mackstreet
    I have been trying to link my Payoneer account to my Paypal account. Paypal isn't accepting the First Century Bank account. I'm requesting a Community Federal savings account. I see that a lot of people are having this issue so I hope you can assist me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
    10 de agosto
  • amafhh
    Hi There 
    I wanted to connect my Payoneer account to PayPal but PayPal don't accept First Century Bank that why i need Community Federal Saving-bank account so i could connect my PayPal account to Payoneer.

    I tried it By Payoneer customer care services but alway they sent ME auto reply by machines and that's doesn't work i tried every thing but in community forum someone gave me this this mail and said to contact you you will help me. I'm really in a big trouble because i need to fix my account urgently please help me.

    i'll be very gratefull of you if help me and resolve my this issue.
    will be waiting for your response.

    Coustomer id: 39183419
    Email address: [email protected]
    8 de agosto
  • Cynthiac

    My Customer ID: 27575864. Can I have IBAN number?

    7 de agosto


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