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Hi folks. If you have a question or concern please make sure you send me a private message, instead of posting here on my wall. It will allow me to respond to your question quickly. Thank you!

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  • mehreenshamim


    I need help regarding my issue that I transferred fund to the wrong IBAN that does not belong to mine. Actually, the Title of bank account and account number I entered for fund transfer did not match. Payoneer approved account number without verification of valid IBAN and Account title.

    When I transferred amount to that IBAN and after few days I realized that IBAN was wrong please help

    2 de agosto
  • Madhumita
    Hello Sir,
    Good morning,
    I am in problem and need your help.
    I am Madhumita Kshirsagar. I am new to payoneer.
    I didn't request any withdrawal to my bank account because i don't have enough balance in my payoneer account but payoneer make this withdarwal itself or by my mistake.
    I want to cancel all three withdrawal as soon as possible.
    Withdrawal are pending now.
    Please guide me how to cancel these withdrawals
    30 de julio
  • Helena04
    Hello Kaz,
    Good Evening. I'm in a problem need your help. Unable to withdraw my fund to my local bank account, "We're sorry, but the application has encountered an error in processing your request. Please try again later. " showing me.Please help me. Thanks.
    28 de julio
  • VictorNendongo
    Hi, I am having a hard time trying to get this account work I didn't get an approval email or disapproval nothing at all I don't have an idea what I have to do and am trying to find the global payments services but I can't find it in the navigation menu.

    Customer ID: 38638521
    21 de julio
  • mtalha74

    Hi there,

    I’ve an upcoming transaction pending from 25th of June and still waiting it could deliver or cancel

    7 de julio
  • GQadir
    Dear KazPayoneer , I register my Payoneer account in March. My ID is already approved and I link my Bank Account successfully but I don't have Global Payment Service option enabled in my Account. My Customer ID is 36689228.
    I want to apply for Global Payment Service option.
    Can you please help me to enable this option in my Account.

    Thanks in advance for your kind support.
    6 de julio
  • sportssim64
    Hello sir, i have loaded balance into my usd account in 29 june, 2020 and dashboard shows balance. but till now my usd card have no balance shown. it shows zero balance on card. please answer me why my balance not transfer into my card?

    Customer ID 3042496
    Name: Anil Simkhada
    2 de julio
    Bonjour, je n'ai pas l'option «Service de paiement global» sous «recevoir».
    je souhaite vivement demander ce service. Merci de m'aider svp.

    Mon ID Client 38423918
    27 de junio
    Bonjour, je n'ai pas l'option «Service de paiement global» sous «recevoir».

    je souhaite vivement demander ce service. Merci de m'aider svp.
    27 de junio
  • rajib120

    Hello kaz,
    I have submitted my national Identity Card but not accepted, I want to resubmit my National Identity Card again. But in verification center I am not getting a option to re apply my National Identity Card. Please let me help.

    26 de junio
  • MbabaziEunice

    Hey kaypayoneer, I applied for a payoneer account in the past 3 to 4 weeks ago and until now I have not yet received an approval email and so I tried to contact the support contact and I told them my issue and after words I received ban email from kim, the support guy and the email was saying that it has been approved and so I went to look for global payment to see my bank details and no were to be seen meaning it has not yet been approved. I did send all the documents they requested for so I don't know what is happening.

    26 de junio
  • henes
    ı want to close my account . but never closed my account .

    4 message send but never deleted account.

    pls help me

    Reference Number:
    26 de junio
  • hussein_aldmour

    I have created a Payoneer account more than one year ago, and fulfilled all requirements I have asked to provide (Local bank account and National ID). But when I try to get my account details from Global Payment Service choice under the Receive drop down menu, i couldn't find it. i register from kingdom of bahrain Please help..

    18 de junio
  • damithsl

    W H M Damith Sri Lakmal Wanninayaka Customer ID37841569 ... This is my account . Please help I cant see the global payment service

    17 de junio
  • _Nancy1

    Hello, please I'm having a little issue with my account, a payment was sent from an ewallet to me and instead of putting my name in the beneficiary box the sender put his name. And money is pending right now. Kindly respond

    16 de junio
  • gepeng


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