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  • Nemo208
    my account was blocked so how can I re-activate it to start using it, Note: I called the call center two days ago and the lady told me that it should be activated by today maximum by the admins but still nothing so what should I do .. thanks in advance
    5 de agosto
  • umair_salman
    I am trying to link my visa card in Paypal that showing me an error. I have attached a screenshot in Email. PayPal does not accept my region's any card so please give me a community federal saving bank account.
    4 de agosto
  • Migadde_1_Allan
    Hello, I haven't received the global payment service option on my receive tab menu.... i submitted my documents last week...
    my customer id is - 39013427 please help out -
    30 de julio
  • Johnboy

    I'm having incoming pending case, I did not receive any mail to provide any documents yet my payment is still on pending ever since

    Transaction id: 209210235

    29 de julio
  • brandsignsbd
    I will no longer use Payoneer. Payoneer is a hell
    I don't get my money anymore. Payoneer took my money. They are doing me a lot of harm. I am in a lot of trouble but they did not pay my money. Today it has been almost 36 days but they have not sent my money to my bank account. I will report in their name why they did not pay my money. When I gave them whatever I wanted but they did not give me my money. Just saying comes under trial
    28 de julio
  • jvillamorjr0504

    Hi Laura, i would like to know why my payment still pending

    27 de julio
  • tayecrypto2

    Good morning support, I sent a payment from my payoneer balance to a recipient yesterday Which is 23-07-2020 with the transaction ID 208486119. My payment is still yet to be approved since then. Please look into this and clear this urgently. Thanks

    24 de julio
  • joseta29

    Hello Ms Laura..I already submitted the ID picture and it says approved so why payment is still pending up to now.I need the money urgently it has been 2 days now .(customer id#35798696.And if it is possible to give my alternative email address because my existing email add from payoneer was not working.I couldn’t received any mail from payoneer.This is my new email add ([email protected])Thank you.

    13 de julio
  • mianbashir89

    Hi, how I can get community federal savings bank account?

    7 de julio
  • Libellule
    Hi dear Laura. My account on Payoneer is approved but I do not have Global Payment option...Can you fix it?
    Customer ID 37741544
    6 de julio
    My account got blocked what can I do?
    6 de julio
    Good mornig LauraPayoneer
    I submitted my required documents but i havn't GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE today.
    Can you help me please ? I need this service to receve my payments. my Customer ID 38423918
    3 de julio
  • priceless92

    I want to know if i can order my payoneer prepaid card because i have noticed the wirecard issue

    2 de julio
  • sportssim64
    Hello sir, i have loaded balance into my usd account in 29 june, 2020 and dashboard shows balance. but till now my usd card have no balance shown. it shows zero balance on card. please answer me why my balance not transfer into my card?

    Customer ID 3042496
    Name: Anil Simkhada
    2 de julio
  • tahir45

    Hello, I see u just address a similar issue to mine, can you please chexk on my complaint also? I have a pending withdrawal Issue since 25/06/2020. Transaction id: 202375598 Amount: 2000 euro

    1 de julio
  • henes

    I opened my payoneer account in 2017 but never used it. no action was taken.ı didn't use card.

    do i have a debt ?

    Customer ID: 19141606

    1 de julio
  • rajib120

    Hi Laura,
    I have submitted my national Identity Card but not accepted, I want to resubmit my National Identity Card again. But in verification center I am not getting a option to re apply my National Identity Card. Please let me help.

    26 de junio
  • henes
    ı want to close my account . but never closed my account .

    4 message send but never deleted account.

    pls help me

    25 de junio
    • henes
      please help me because 5 mounth ı want closed account ...
  • present
    I have worked for Appen Connect since 01/2020 and my Payoneer account was blocked due to mismatch between my last name on my ID and my last name on my Payoneer account and Appen told me that I should contact Payoneer directly to get support with another registration. I registered a new Payoneer account and supplied them with my Payee ID and all I got is an automated email that doesn't help at all. I hope I get this issue resolved as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much.
    23 de junio
  • Cynthiac

    Can someone approve my account so I can receive my money. I have pending funds.Customer ID: 27575864

    16 de junio
    HI, Laura inded i have been olding a payoneer count since june 21, 2020 but my global payment service is not activated my reference is #200613-007152
    13 de junio
  • mohammadnat

    Hello laura
    My reference is #200611-015066

    11 de junio


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