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  • Akihi2


    I would like to follow up on my bank account verification. Four days have passed and my verification is still under review. My customer ID is 39592454.

    Hoping for an immediate response.

  • yougreatmood
    Laura, I need to add the following bank in Payoneer :Community Federal Savings Bank account.

    In order to be able to link usd PayPal account and Payoneer account

    can you help me with this?
    17 de septiembre
  • bullykiko
    Hey Laura, please follow up Payment ID; 218033397. it's more than 5 business days. Thanks!
    17 de septiembre
  • chevy_83

    Hi Laura, please follow up Payment ID 217784508. It's been 10days and still pending thanks

    15 de septiembre
  • lwy0807
    Hi, I have submitted ticket to apply for a community federal savings bank account because I need need to link it with PayPal for receiving payment, as the First Century Bank account doesn't work.
    I have my credit card linked and verified with PayPal. Could you kindly help on it? Thanks
    my payoneer id: 36085911
    ticket ref: 200915-002716
    15 de septiembre
  • hm8
    Hey there, I applied for a Payoneer account a while back and it got approved. But I can't seem to find "Global Payment Service" under the "Recieve" tab. Please help.

    My customer ID is: 38159373
    14 de septiembre
  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer earned the 25 Answers badge.
    Looks like you’re starting to make a name for yourself as someone who knows the score!
    14 de septiembre
  • nathankapininga
    I am an eBay seller and I would like to connect my Payoneer bank account to my Paypal account. The only way to do that is with the Community Federal account. Can you please add a Community bank account to my existing checking account? it would help a lot.

    Your Customer ID: 28755210
    Reference Number: 200907-023981
    11 de septiembre
  • sumonbashar
    What is this ? I create 2 complain But not get any answer ? I can't add Any Bank Account
    and after submit my passport 7 days left but not verified why ?

    # 200907-035001 If You can solve it then no need to delete my account if not possible to solve it then complete 2nd request please
    # 200908-034234

    What i do now ? open another account without delete this account
    10 de septiembre
  • igneousoj
    Hi, i registered last week and i got all my document approved, both my mail too has been approved but I CANT SEE MY IBAN AND BIC DETAILS on the UK receiving account details. ..... here is my id Customer ID 39786403 .... please kindly look into this, i need the funds urgently, Thank you for your Assistance
    7 de septiembre
  • Arslan_Asif
    My payment is still in pending

    I make a transaction approximately 26 August from fiver account but still not get the payment in my account... the only thing i am seeing in a my account is just the pending status of my payment from many days ....

    can you please tell me what i do now ?
    6 de septiembre
  • Mahnoorfatima

    My account and card is still in pending status i contact CS and they ask they will reply in 3 business days but about a week their is no reply from CS.. As my id verification and address s verification is showing approved in verification tab my Customer ID 38978318
    Kindly assist me thank you

    3 de septiembre
  • Paulo1933
    Please could you let me know why I can't withdraw by the ATM since 9 days now ?
    I got always the same message that I reach my day limit.
    Thanks in advance
    2 de septiembre
  • lljustll
    Hi Laura,

    I have a problem with my account as I can't seem to add a bank account. It says " You don’t have any available bank accounts at this time. For more information, contact us". I tried to contact via email, and I get auto response email. I tried to do live chat, it says chat has been cancelled, I wrote on social media no answers.... What am I supposed to do?

    Any help will be appreciated.
    31 de agosto
  • kishanghimire
    Hello Laura,I have been waiting for card approval for more than 8-9 days .Again I have submitted documents with hand held id also .It will again take more days after submitting documents also.Please help in verification fast.
    Thank you.
    28 de agosto
  • pramudyaderangga
    Hey there, I've got a problem according to withdrawal. I'm sure that I put all of the information correctly but it keeps saying "one or more details incorrect". please do help me
    26 de agosto
  • mypreciouswatchess
    Why is my account still not approved! My customer ID is 39373325, Look, I created an account 13 days ago, two weeks ago. I have given all my information completely. I've done all the verifications, including id documents, but you still haven't confirmed neither my bank account nor my payoneer account. I find it difficult to understand why you keep waiting so long. How many times have I written to the support section and sent a message to the Payoneer Community but not a single person has returned. I am someone who sells on the auction site and I cannot withdraw although I have saved money. And that hurts me. Please help me.
    22 de agosto
  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer earned the 5 LOLs badge.
    You received 5 LOLs. We like that.
    13 de agosto
  • súraj123
    Please help me to make my payoneer account with cvv code number etc.
    I wan to do freefire daimond topup fb boost ect please me my number is+9779815059990 WhatsApp number
    10 de agosto
  • Nemo208
    my account was blocked so how can I re-activate it to start using it, Note: I called the call center two days ago and the lady told me that it should be activated by today maximum by the admins but still nothing so what should I do .. thanks in advance
    5 de agosto
  • umair_salman
    I am trying to link my visa card in Paypal that showing me an error. I have attached a screenshot in Email. PayPal does not accept my region's any card so please give me a community federal saving bank account.
    4 de agosto
  • Migadde_1_Allan
    Hello, I haven't received the global payment service option on my receive tab menu.... i submitted my documents last week...
    my customer id is - 39013427 please help out -
    30 de julio
  • Johnboy

    I'm having incoming pending case, I did not receive any mail to provide any documents yet my payment is still on pending ever since

    Transaction id: 209210235

    29 de julio
  • brandsignsbd
    I will no longer use Payoneer. Payoneer is a hell
    I don't get my money anymore. Payoneer took my money. They are doing me a lot of harm. I am in a lot of trouble but they did not pay my money. Today it has been almost 36 days but they have not sent my money to my bank account. I will report in their name why they did not pay my money. When I gave them whatever I wanted but they did not give me my money. Just saying comes under trial
    28 de julio
  • jvillamorjr0504

    Hi Laura, i would like to know why my payment still pending

    27 de julio
  • tayecrypto2

    Good morning support, I sent a payment from my payoneer balance to a recipient yesterday Which is 23-07-2020 with the transaction ID 208486119. My payment is still yet to be approved since then. Please look into this and clear this urgently. Thanks

    24 de julio


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